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About Pathstone Mental Health

Pathstone Mental Health has been providing high quality health care to children in Niagara for over 50 years. Our services, start at the beginning of their life and continue until they turn 18. Because we know that 70% of all mental health issues stem from childhood, we need to ensure Pathstone has the tools to nurture kids who are struggling and support the families who are caring for them. Being there for Niagara’s children today puts them on a better path for tomorrow.

Our Impact

Over the past two years, we opened nine children’s mental health walk-in clinics across the Niagara Region funded strictly by donors. In all, these clinics offer more than 400 hours of mental health support at no cost for any child, youth, and family who needs to lean on us. In just 24 months, these clinics have become a lifeline for many, has shortened our wait list significantly, and have minimized barriers to getting mental health service when children are fresh in their feelings. Our walk-in clinics have seen close to 1,400 kids in the last 12 months alone, and over that same time span, Pathstone Mental Health cared for over 7,000 clients. This is a number that continues to increase significantly each year.

*Watch our video below to see how Pathstone changed the life of a local family.

How your gift will be used

Leaving a legacy gift to Pathstone Mental Health ensures that children and their families in Niagara can always lean on us for the mental health support they need today, and for generations to come. Our walk-in clinic program is the turning point to effective and immediate mental health care, which will be our future preferred model of service by our clients. When you leave a legacy gift, you change, strengthen, and save lives.

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