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The Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre is a community where over 600 seniors and Veterans thrive – from independent living to long-term care. We support each resident with a person and family-centric approach to the continuum of care to improve not only their physical well-being but their mental and emotional health, too.

Our commitment to empowering seniors and Veterans to reach their full potential is a pledge without bounds. We actively invest in research and new methodologies in frailty-informed care and share our findings, best practices, and breakthroughs with the greater community – so we can help all seniors live life to the fullest.

We know that good is never good enough. Our culture of self-improvement ensures that we’re always seeking a higher standard of excellence. Be it a daily quality improvement, safety standards or long-term planning, we prioritize excellence across every facet of our organization to benefit seniors and Veterans.

Our Centre of Excellence in Frailty-Informed Care exists to set new benchmarks in seniors care, facilitating applied research that fuels innovation in education, best practices, and knowledge transfer. Our goal is to ensure frail seniors and Veterans receive the highest level of care within our walls and beyond.

Our Impact

At Perley Rideau, we are ready to Answer the Call and transform the care for seniors and Veterans. We have a plan for research, innovation and education in senior’s care ready now. Staff and leadership are committed and putting all the pieces in place. Key partnerships with healthcare and research organizations have begun.

Caring for frail seniors is an area of healthcare in urgent need of innovation. As we age, frailty begins to enter our lives in different ways, slowly impacting our mental, cognitive, and physical abilities to perform daily activities. We all deserve to age well while receiving exceptional care that preserves our dignity and respects our needs as a person.

Aging well is rooted in living well – there is joy in living every day. By coming together as a community, we can meet the needs of our seniors and Veterans and build a better future for us all.

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