Réseau FADOQ (Fédération de l’Âge d’Or du Québec)

Social Service


Since its founding in 1970, Réseau FADOQ has brought together hundreds of thousands of people and helped break seniors’ sense of isolation and insecurity.

Réseau FADOQ helps Quebecers aged 50 and over by lobbying governments on their behalf on various issues, promoting their contribution to society, and providing cultural, recreational, sports, and outdoor activities and services.

Réseau FADOQ works to improve the quality of life of seniors and has successfully defended their rights on a number of occasions. Its social programs and workshops educate, train, and equip its members in every aspect of their lives.

Its 550,000 members, 790 clubs, 16 regional groups, and 4,650 volunteer administrators make it the largest group of people 50 and over in Canada.

Our Impact

Réseau FADOQ helps improve the quality of life of seniors and advocates to make this a priority for society.

The role of Réseau FADOQ is as vital as ever, especially given Quebec’s ageing population. It achieves its mission by focusing on three important areas:

  1. Bringing seniors together and encouraging active ageing through cultural, recreational, sports, and outdoor activities—Réseau FADOQ keeps more than 70,000 people active every week
  2. Promoting social inclusion and breaking the taboo of ageism through social programs such as Senior-Aware and public awareness activities
  3. Defending the rights of current and future seniors by putting pressure on all three levels of government

“Réseau FADOQ has a positive impact on hundreds of thousands of seniors. I am proud to represent our members and to exercise a growing influence on decision-making bodies.” – Gisèle Tassé-Goodman, President of Réseau FADOQ

“I’ve volunteered with FADOQ’s Senior-Aware program for a few years now. Over 70,000 people have attended the program’s information sessions since 2010. I think that Senior-Aware should not only be maintained, but also, constantly adapted to current needs so that it can bring a ray of hope to those who are often alone in dealing with elder abuse.” – Ann Remillard, volunteer

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By 2030, it is expected that 25% of Quebecers will be 65 or over. Help support an organization whose goal is to ensure a dignified quality of life for today’s and tomorrow’s seniors.

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