Santropol Roulant

Community Benefit


Santropol Roulant uses food as a vehicle to break social and economic isolation between generations. Creatively and collaboratively, we strengthen and nourish our local community with our novel approaches to active youth engagement, urban and peri-urban food systems, food security, and community care. We intentionally sow education into every level of our programming to help seed sustainable social change.

The Roulant is an intergenerational community hub where we grow, prepare, and deliver food to Montrealers living at home with a loss of autonomy. In doing so, we create a continuum of engaging and inspiring services and activities for the benefit of the community, and we help build a stronger social fabric by increasing food security and social inclusion in Montreal.

Our diverse programs and activities include:

  • An intergenerational Meals-on-Wheels service
  • Urban and peri-urban agriculture
  • Educational activities and workshops
  • Intergenerational events
  • Community partnerships for food distribution and education
  • Volunteer-run collectives: bike workshop, urban fruit harvest, apiculture, vermicompost, and mycology

Our Impact

Santropol Roulant strives to foster collective and intergenerational learning and provide educational spaces and resources for all through food security and social inclusion centred programming. While this intended impact extends to everyone in the community, our two primary target beneficiaries are youth and Montrealers living with a loss of autonomy.

The impact of this work is tangible through reliable access to food, increased social contact, and collaboration and leadership development within the Santropol Roulant community.

In the longer term, the Roulant envisions our programming allowing Montrealers to make more informed food choices, to be empowered to grow their own food, to have increased knowledge and curiosity about food systems, to have a strong sense of belonging and self value that they can spread to their peers, and to enable people to engage in collaborative relationships with their community.

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The trust that you give us in leaving us part of your estate allows us to continue to best respond to the needs of our community. By including Santropol Roulant in your will, you are leaving a lasting legacy of positive social change. 

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