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If you love animals as much as we do, you understand why we work so hard to provide the best life possible for the animals in our care and the people who bond with them. Yes, we provide safe shelter, sustenance, medical treatment, and enrichment to thousands of abused, neglected, abandoned or lost animals in our community but most importantly we offer these pets a second chance at finding loving, happy homes.

We aspire to improve the quality of life for companion animals in our community through education, adoption, and the enforcement of animal welfare legislation.

Why is this important?

For animals, a life where they are loved and cared for ensures they are free from distress and discomfort. For people, connecting with and caring for an animal creates healthier and happier homes. We like to say that we are at the centre of a happy community of people and their pets. It thrives because of the dedication of our people, the people we serve, and the animals we nurture together.

Together with donors like you we can ensure that all animals who come through our doors receive the care they deserve and are matched with loving homes.

Our Impact

How do we do serve the community?

The Saskatoon SPCA is an essential service that provides care to vulnerable animals in our community 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

  • Our Animal Protection Officers investigate almost 1000 animal cruelty complaints a year and rescue vulnerable animals.
  • We offer Protective Custody options for people who are in crisis situations and cannot look after their animals.
  • Our animal care attendants look after shelter animals as if they are their own ensuring they receive enrichment (playtime, affection and training) as well as sustenance (food, water and of course treats).
  • We provide health assessments, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgeries and deworming treatment to all animals that come through our doors.
  • Our adoption counsellors are dedicated to making the perfect match and transitioning animals from safe shelter to happy homes.
  • We have a network of fosters and volunteers dedicated to the health and well being of animals in our community.
  • Our lost and found service helps reunite owners with their lost pets.
  • We offer education, training and programming to the community to help build stronger human-animal bonds.

From the very moment an animal comes into our fold, their wellbeing is our priority.

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Saskatoon Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Charity Number

119141331 RR 0001

How your gift will be used

Our impact in the community is significant, but we could not do the work we love without support from donors like you. An estate gift will help mend broken paws, fill hungry bellies, and heal broken hearts.

Legacy gifts are a lifeline for vulnerable animals, vitally important in helping us protect them, care for them and provide them with safe shelter and happy homes.

We promise to direct your gift to support the animals in the way you envisioned. While we encourage you to share your plans with us, we understand if you prefer not to tell us. We will always honour your privacy and treat your gift with sensitivity. If you choose to share your intentions with us, we will update you on the work being accomplished now and what we aspire to accomplish in the future. We would love the opportunity to thank you in life for your future gift.

Your generosity will change the world for scared, lost, neglected, abandoned or abused animals who depend on compassionate individuals like you to change their lives.

Thank you on behalf of the animals we care for now and in the future.

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