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For the last 30 years, Share the Warmth has provided thousands of Montrealers with access to food, clothing and programming for children aimed at fostering development in every single individual, giving them the strength and resilience to pursue their hopes and dreams.

Our work has only become more important in recent years and has only been possible because of loyal donors like you.

The good news is you can do more.

Our Impact


Today, Share the Warmth is proud to have become a haven of hope and a maker of dreams for children and members of our community. 

Our mission is lived out by means of our choice-based healthy food bank, our pay-what-you-can fruit and vegetable market, our after-school cooking workshops, our specialized tutoring for children with learning disabilities and our extensive music programming for both children and adults.


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Inspired by a vision to contribute to building a vibrant and engaged community that lives up to its full potential, Share the Warmth’s priorities are:

  • The overall development and success of children and youth
  • Food security for all, with special attention to school-aged children

while promoting:

  • member involvement in all aspects of the organization and
  • innovative and efficient use of our resources, especially the building in which we offer our programs

At our core is the belief that together, we can fight hunger and poverty–so that we can all EAT, LEARN and GROW!

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