St. Joseph's Health Centre - make your legacy gift today!

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St. Joseph’s Health Centre – make your legacy gift today!

St. Joseph’s Health Centre has been at the heart of Toronto’s west-end community for over 1oo years. There are now more than 500,000 people living in this catchment area. St. Joe’s, as it’s affectionately known, has more than 370,000 visits annually. Homepage – St. Joseph’s Health Center Foundation (

100 Years of Care

In 100 years, St. Joe’s has grown to become a leader, providing more care to a larger community than almost any other single site community hospital in the province. St. Joe’s was founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph whose tradition of caring touched the most vulnerable—those who are marginalized and disadvantaged. We are proud to continue this tradition with the west-end community each and every day.

Our Promise

Our 100 years of care is based on a Promise to meet the healthcare needs of Toronto’s west-end community. This is possible thanks to the incredible support of our generous donors – people like you who are helping fund urgent priorities to build a strong and healthy future for our community.

Let’s work together and keep the Promise for another 100 years!

Our Impact

St. Joseph’s is here for our 500,000 neighbours and is seeing the demand for healthcare in West Toronto. Our community health centre has grown from a 25-bed facility to a 400+ bed hospital over the last century.

Our Programs

Today, our St. Joe’s has more than 370,000 visits every year, including 100,000 in our Emergency Department. We have the one of the busiest and fastest emergency departments in Canada. Pediatricians see more children at St. Joe’s than any other community hospital in Toronto. We have one of the largest, most comprehensive mental health programs in the city and the Health Centre has become one of the busiest teaching hospitals in the country in affiliation with the University of Toronto.

A community hospital is critical to the health and well-being of communities. Did you know 80% of all the healthcare you will ever need in your lifetime will be met locally? For West Toronto, that’s St. Joe’s.

The importance of a community hospital has never been more clear than it is now given our pandemic experience. St. Joe’s plays a prominent role battling COVID-19 and safeguarding the health of our neighbours.

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Your Vision for Health Care Tomorrow

It’s important you know the impact that your legacy gift will have on your community and future generations. This is why we are available to discuss your vision for your future support with you. Your legacy is an investment in St. Joe’s that will lead to better care for years to come. Directing your support to the “greatest need” means your gift will help fund future vital equipment and patient care needs across the hospital. Alternatively, you can choose to name a specific program of care that you wish to support. Legacy gifts make hospital renovations, equipment and innovative programming possible.

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We have partnered with the Canadian Free Wills Network to cover basic wills and revisions for donors through participating lawyers. Ask us how you can receive an information package to get the process started. In-person and virtual visits possible.

When you write your will, remember to include St. Joseph’s Health Centre Foundation as a Promise to your loved ones and community. Leave a Legacy – St. Joseph’s Health Centre Foundation (

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