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Technology for Living (TfL) is dedicated to reducing barriers to participation in the homes and communities of people with limited movement, and physical disabilities in BC.

In 1970, people with severe disabilities in British Columbia, sought control over their lives outside of an institutional setting. Their passion and determination gave rise to the organization now known as Technology for Living (TfL). From humble beginnings, TfL has emerged as an active force of change for people of diverse-ability across BC.

Doors opened to provide hope and an opportunity for those who wanted independence through assistive technology. Our goal is to provide adults and  youth with the kinds of support and opportunities that any person needs. Through specially designed switches, that may be sensitive to touch or breath, our members can control devices and access equipment that greatly reduces the need for certain types of dependence. Our technicians create solutions that form the building blocks to live healthy, independent, and productive lives.

Our programs expands personal autonomy by providing members with solutions to manage independently at home. We aim to enable people to become the compassionate and contributing members of our communities they have the potential to be.

We envision a society that embraces innovation, accessibility and inclusion, where people who face physical barriers to participate are supported and included. We imagine a BC where youth and adults can maximize independence and potential at home through technology and support.

Our Impact

There are over 250,000 people living with a mobility disability in British Columbia. Since 1970, we’ve connected with tens of thousands of individuals and their families who directly benefit from our services, receiving assistive technology, automatic door openers or innovations from our technologists to make life a little easier.

Technology for Living is removing barriers and improving the quality of life for youth and adults through innovative thinking, making the home environment more accessible for  people with spinal cord injuries and medical conditions that create mobility challenges.

Thank you for considering supporting our work as part of your legacy.

 “The Simon Cox Student Design Competition over the years, has been a blessing to me in making progressive challenges easier to accept and handle. In particular, the blanket mover has done just that. Having this assistive device voice activated to remove my blanket when I am hot and to have it cover me when I am cold has enhanced the quality of my life, my sleep, and the much-needed rest of my caregivers. 

Thank you wholeheartedly to the Simon Cox Student Design Competition for your continued innovations and designs. Keep up the great work! Nancy

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TFL - Technology for Living

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How your gift will be used

By making a gift in your will to Technology for Living, you can contribute to a variety of programs. We will work with you to select the program that best aligns with your philanthropic goals.

The Open Doors Program – Not being able to open a door can be a barrier to entering a room and participating in whatever is happening inside or getting out safely.

Youth Assistive Technology Initiative – Creates solutions for each youth’s unique circumstance so they can open doors, control their bed, turn up the thermostat or turn on their lights by themselves.

Simon Cox Student Design Competition – Encourages collaboration and innovative thinking between students and people of diverse-ability. Over the years, students have created and delivered innovative solutions from voice activated switches to tremor stabilizers – where possible, these innovations are installed in homes or further refined by our biomedical technicians.

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