The Bridge Hospice



The Bridge Hospice is a small, beautiful rural home filled with love and compassion. We care for people through their final journey and help their families with emotional support.

With a maximum of three residents in our home, dedicated nurses, PSWs and volunteers provide remarkable bedside care. Always centered on individual personal needs and preferences, we are right there to offer comfort, friendship and guidance.

Each resident has a comfortable, welcoming private room with pastoral views overlooking our beautiful  garden. Family members can make themselves at home, or take a much-needed break, knowing their loved one is in the best hands.

We are a home that celebrates moments, helping everyone make the most of their time. Our services are provided at no charge.

Our Impact

Before The Bridge Hospice opened in 2013, palliative people in our rural community were transferred to distant hospitals or kept at home with family providing most of the care. Some who lived alone relied solely on community care visits.

At The Bridge Hospice, we:

  • Make our residents feel safe, secure, and feel they are no longer a burden to family
  • Free family from the heavy work of caregiving by providing all care and medication management
  • Eliminate the stress and panic of middle-of-the-night crises and trips to Emergency
  • Give family the opportunity to make precious memories
  • Offer long-term reassurance that their loved one spent their last days in a very good place
  • Provide 24/7 care, staffed by special people who are highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced in palliative and end-of-life care
  • Reduce public healthcare costs by providing service at one-third the cost of hospital care
  • Free up the demand for acute-care hospital beds and reduce unnecessary ER visits
  • Allow people to stay in their community, close to the ties that bind
  • Offer assurance that that no one needs to die alone.

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The Bridge Hospice

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With nearly a decade of experience, we know the lasting impact of The Bridge Hospice on families’ lives.

Due to excellent stewardship, The Bridge Hospice has a track record of innovation, foresight and fiscal prudence – evolving from a volunteer model to the professional healthcare service we are today. We anticipate ever-greater demand for our services due to our reputation and this region’s aging population.

We do not plan to expand our number of beds. We know that staying small and personal is what our rural community wants.

Donations and gifts in wills cover the operating costs of running a busy home, and the portion of salaries of healthcare staff not covered by the provincial government. Fundraised dollars are essential.

In the long term, large gifts will help us become a self-sustaining charitable organization.

Your gift to The Bridge Hospice ensures that future generations have access to compassionate end-of-life care in our tranquil home, free of charge.

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