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The Cridge Centre for the Family is a non-profit organization in Victoria, B.C., that provides support and care for various people in our community. Founded in 1873, we are the oldest continuously operating non-profit organization in Western Canada. What began as an orphanage has grown with the needs of our community into the multi-faceted organization we are today. We serve a diverse clientele through our various programs ranging from brain injury support to transitional housing for women fleeing violence, to childcare and senior living. Serving our community for 150 years has been just the beginning, and we’re excited to see where the next 150 years will take us!

Our Vision: Abundant Life

Our Mission: Providing excellence in support, housing, education and community, we work together to restore hope and a future to those overcoming the challenges before them.

Our Values: Act justly. Love mercy. Walk humbly.

Our Purpose: Consistent with the principles taught by Jesus Christ and seeking to manifest His love, we commit to rendering aid and service to children, adults and families.

Our Impact

The Cridge Centre for the Family has left an indelible mark on our community over the past 150 years of service, with our diverse programs radiating positive change. Through our innovative initiatives, countless lives have been uplifted and changed. Our women’s programs provide refuge and support to vulnerable individuals, ensuring they find safety and solace in times of crisis. The childcare services not only nurture young minds but empower working parents to pursue their dreams. Seniors find companionship and care, enriching their golden years. The Cridge Centre’s holistic approach to family well-being fosters resilience and growth. It stands as a beacon of hope, demonstrating the transformative power of compassion and dedication in our society.

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Every year across our programs we help over 2400 people find safe housing, access affordable childcare, leave their abusers, access community resources, find meaningful employment and move towards hope and a positive future. When you leave a legacy to The Cridge Centre, you’ve helped a woman and her children fleeing violence find safety, you’ve helped a brain injury survivor take the first steps towards a new life, you’ve helped a refugee family find a safe place to land as they leave behind everything they’ve known, you’ve helped young parents provide for their babies, and you’ve helped children access quality afterschool care. You’ve helped to strengthen a community and created safer, better futures for those in need.

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