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United Way Chatham-Kent

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United We Can. Together We Will.

When we come together, anything is possible. The United Way of Chatham-Kent unites our community and, in partnership, fights for those who need us. We are turning outwards, listening deeply and building effective collaborations with local human service providers, government and people with lived experience to identify the root causes our community’s most complex challenges and find solutions together. Our guiding mission is “No One Left Behind.”

Building on more than 70 years of serving Chatham-Kent, United Way educates, empowers and inspires all sectors and individuals to work together and create a Chatham-Kent that is the home we all want it to be.

Our Impact

We raise and invest funds within the community on your behalf. Your bequest is a living gift that will empower community-focused solutions now and in the future. By ensuring that nobody is left behind, Chatham-Kent’s most vulnerable are supported, and the root causes of social issues are understood and eventually eradicated.

Every donation to United Way of Chatham-Kent is collectively pooled with support from municipal, provincial and national government funds. By leveraging local networks like the Co-Investors Table, we are able to ensure that funding gets into the community quickly and to where it matters most.

In 2020, that impact looked like:

  • Ensuring nonprofits and grassroots groups could access personal protection equipment to keep their clients, staff and volunteers safe
  • Funding technology solutions that allowed services to be provided and accessed remotely
  • Providing respite for care givers with children by keeping minds active and bodies moving
  • Finding solutions for families to access their basic needs with dignity
  • Facilitating weekly discussions that allowed more than 80 nonprofits and grassroots groups to access the funding or resources needed to keep the lights on and their doors open during the pandemic

Our latest news stories are on our blog.

How your gift will be used

We are listening and basing our funding decisions and actions on priorities identified by our community. We are dedicated to finding good solutions for those in need based not on what we think is right but rather what our neighbours tell us matters most to them.

You can feel confident that your gift to United Way of Chatham-Kent will be used to create short and long-term impact on community issues including:

  • Supporting people experiencing homelessness
  • Preventing child and partner violence happening within families
  • Reaching out to people struggling with their mental health or harmful substance use
  • Looking out for the vulnerable youth living in Chatham-Kent
  • Connecting older adults struggling with isolation to their community
  • Working with people who are struggling with poverty or barely surviving pay-cheque to pay-cheque
  • Uniting with Indigenous peoples to build an inclusive community

and so much more.

Our community partners with, donates and volunteers with United Way of Chatham-Kent because our team takes the time to find out how people want to be involved in supporting the issues and the communities they care about—then finds a way to make it happen.

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