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First and foremost, the United Way of Sarnia-Lambton is a truly local organization.  Not only is the money that is raised in our community used to impact our community, but we are governed by a local volunteer Board of Directors that are active in local decision making aimed at best possible outcomes to meet the needs of Sarnia-Lambton residents.

Lambton County residents are in need of a variety of human care programs and services; services geared toward youth development and prevention; services for our aging population; counselling and general health, medical, and emergency programs for the basic necessities of life.

Our three funding focus areas includes:  From Poverty to Possibility, All That Kids Can Be, and Healthy People, Strong Communities.

The United Way of Sarnia-Lambton has developed an endowment fund called United Way Future Fund, where all planned gifts including those contributions from wills, and the donations of capital assets, are to be invested in the Future Fund, and only the interest income each and every year will be used to fund local programs and services.  The principle will never be spent, the interest income, (3.5% annually) will be used for Community Impact Funding forever in the future.  Your contribution will be invested and will continue to have an impact locally, in Sarnia-Lambton forever!

Our Future Fund will provide sustainability, enabling the United Way of Sarnia-Lambton to fund the changing community needs locally, forever, with your help.  Thank you so much for considering a gift in your WILL to the United Way of Sarnia-Lambton.

Our Impact

All funded programs and services are measured for effectiveness and efficiency on a quarterly basis.

From Poverty to Possibility:

United Way is helping people move out of, or avoid, the cycle of poverty with access to nutritious, affordable and appropriate food security and with supports and access to emergency shelters and to maintain safe and stable housing.

All That Kids Can Be:

Investing in kids so that they can stay in school and develop supportive relationships.  Giving children and youth the support they need to make healthy choices and to better handle life’s challenges.

Healthy People, Strong Communities:

United Way is creating a strong, inclusive community connecting people of all ages to support their personal wellbeing – from addiction and mental health supports to helping seniors live independently.

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United Way of Sarnia-Lambton

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How your gift will be used

Your generous contribution will be invested with the Sarnia-Lambton Future Fund Foundation and the 3.5% investment income will be used for direct agency funding forever!  For more information on the Sarnia-Lambton Future Fund Foundation and how it is invested, as well as other ways you can donate, please visit the Future Fund website at www.unitedwayfuturefund.com.   For general United Way of Sarnia-Lambton information including the more than 30 local programs and services we are currently funding, a listing of our local Board Members, etc. please visit www.theunitedway.on.ca.

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