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Established in 1985, Vela Canada is a not-for-profit based in British Columbia, Canada. Vela Canada assists people with disabilities in taking greater control of their lives by exploring ideas that can lead to customized, inclusive and creative supports primarily through developing a Microboard™ or accessing Individualized Funding. There are now over 1,100 Microboards in BC alone, providing individuals with a self-directed lifestyle.

Vela Canada, known internationally as the experts on the development of Microboards, was the first organization in the world to offer this focused service. They have been gaining traction and have been asked to help international family groups, organizations and governments throughout Canada, Australia, the United States, Northern Ireland, England, Norway and the Republic of Ireland.

Our Impact

Vela Canada leads the creation of Microboards™ in British Columbia, Canada, but also assists other organizations across the globe who want to see people with disabilities live a rich, full, and independent lifestyle.

Microboards not only allows a person with a disability to live the life they choose by forming creative supports, but also helps the economy. Many people with a Microboard can find employment, or volunteer opportunities, and at the same time, employee their own support staff. Many Microboards are in rural areas providing job opportunities in less populated areas.

A Microboard:

  • Creates valued reciprocal relationships for people that may have otherwise been isolated.
  • Helps people become contributing members of their communities.
  • Reduces the cost pressures for government funded services.
  • Brings economic benefits to communities by employing local support staff.
  • Utilizes local services and businesses.
  • Allows the individual to take control of their life.
  • Encourage and supports independent living structures.

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How your gift will be used

With over 1000 Microboards running in British Columbia, we, along with all our donors, help people with disabilities live the life they choose, independently and self-directed.

Everyone deserves to have a choice in how they live.

Your gift will help Vela Canada assist individuals in the set-up of a Microboard, maintaining connections to make sure the Microboard is running smoothly. Vela staff are available for any questions, and host regular events and webinars educating Microboard members about Microboards, the regulations, and any changes. Vela Canada’s relationship with individuals and their families is at the heart of Vela’s work, and our commitment is ongoing.



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