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Every day in Alberta, over 60 people hear the words ‘you have cancer.’ One in two Albertans will hear these words in their lifetime.

People living with cancer in Alberta are fortunate to have exceptional medical resources to treat their disease, but where can they turn for help with the mind, body and spirit aspects of a cancer experience?

At Wellspring, we understand that cancer can have a profound effect on the person diagnosed and their loved ones. They need a place to turn when they are feeling fearful, uncertain and alone. They need to be around skilled and caring people who get it, and can offer compassion, support, practical information, and tools to cope. They may need help navigating the employment, financial and insurance challenges of cancer.

Wellspring Calgary was founded in 2007 with a mission to meet the emotional, social and practical needs of people living with cancer. Our vision is to ensure no one has to face cancer alone. Since inception, we have continually grown to meet the demand for cancer support and we have expanded our services to meet the needs of all those living with cancer across southern Alberta.

Wellspring offers a vast array of evidence-informed programs and services, all free of charge and without referral to any southern Alberta resident who has cancer, as well as caregivers and family members. Programs and services are available online, over the phone, and in person.

Our Impact

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of support, resources and programs so anyone living with cancer and the people who care about them can improve the quality of their lives:

“Wellspring Calgary has helped me to better understand my cancer, feel less isolated, and live a more enriched life. Both online and in person, my Wellspring community is here for me … affirming, supporting and sustaining me.” – Sandi Anderson, Wellspring member

“It’s hard to put into words what Wellspring means to me. Since cancer, I’ve had so much of my life stripped away. Wellspring gives me back some purpose, it gives me routine, something useful to do, something that engages me and makes me happy. It’s also an environment where you don’t have to explain things – everybody gets everybody.” – Ian Robinson, Wellspring member

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How your gift will be used

All of the resources, programs and services at Wellspring are provided at no charge to those living with cancer including the loved ones and caregivers of the person diagnosed. Wellspring does not receive core government or agency funding, instead relying on the generosity of the community and people like you.

A bequest or gift by will is a simple and thoughtful way to leave a personal legacy, representing your life and values. Whether it is a set dollar amount or a percentage of your estate, a bequest in your will to Wellspring can allow you to make a difference for generations to come.

You enable us to fulfil our mission of serving people living with cancer at no cost to them. Pass on something wonderful.

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