Wellspring Cultural Foundation

Wellspring Cultural Foundation

Community Benefit, Education


Develop and grow. These words together capture the vision behind Wellspring Cultural Foundation. Founded in 1981, Wellspring Cultural Foundation supports and promotes character development by sponsoring activities that focus on increasing human virtues in study, work, family life, spiritual life, and social undertakings.

Our Impact

With your help, Wellspring works with young people is to help them grow into virtuous leaders who will contribute to the cultural, moral, and intellectual renewal of Canadian society. This work promotes character development, equipping people with the tools they need to be successful and capable students, workers, spouses, siblings, and friends. By supporting the charitable work of Wellspring Cultural Foundation, you are preparing the next generation of Canadian leaders to be persons of integrity and virtue, with exceptional principles.

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Wellspring Cultural Foundation

Charity Number

119290963 RR 0001

How your gift will be used

Your charitable gift will result in successful future leaders!

With a gift, you are sustaining many activities managed and promoted by Wellspring Cultural Foundation.

Your support enables retreats, seminars, classes, and more!

Your gift also contributes to the maintenance and investment in Wellspring’s existing and future facilities. These include:

  • Ernescliff College, a student residence for men located on the University of Toronto’s downtown campus;
  • Lyncroft Hospitality Centre, hospitality service/training centre for women, connected to Ernescliff College;
  • Wilson Heights, a men’s residence in Toronto

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