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For more than 100 years, West Park Healthcare Centre has been helping people rebuild their lives following serious injury and illness. A nationally recognized leader in rehabilitation and complex continuing care, we work in partnership with our patients to help them recover and regain their independence, so they can get back home to their families and what they love to do most.

Our renowned, specialized programs include:

  • The largest in-patient amputee rehabilitation service in Canada, to help people lead active lives after the loss of a limb;
  • A multi-trauma musculoskeletal rehabilitation service that helps people who have experienced severe physical trauma achieve maximum independence;
  • The largest centre for pulmonary rehabilitation in the province, to help people with chronic lung disease breathe and better manage their health;
  • A leading program in spasticity management, to help people living with a painful side-effect of neurological conditions such as stroke, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis; and,
  • Ontario’s Centre of Excellence for Long-Term Ventilation, which supports individuals who depend on mechanical assistance for every breath.

We are now transforming our 27-acre campus in west Toronto into an integrated campus of care, with a beautiful new hospital at its heart. We are growing and innovating to meet the rising demand for our services, and the healthcare challenges of the future.

Our new hospital, opening in the fall of 2023, will allow us to continue providing the highest quality of rehabilitative care for the growing number of people who need it. The $80 million Get Your Life Back Campaign is ensuring that our new facility is leading-edge, a match for the courage of our patients and the commitment of our staff.

Our Impact

Acute care hospitals save lives. But for many patients, their journey has only just begun. They face months or even years of hard work to get their lives back. The skilled team at West Park take that journey with them, helping them achieve their goals and realize their full potential.

“When I got to West Park, they told me I could do a lot more than just survive,” says Patrick Doyle, a machinist who lost his leg and sustained other serious injuries in an industrial accident. He spent eight months in acute care, followed by 18 months in West Park’s renowned Amputee Rehabilitation Program.

One of his goals was to run again. With West Park’s help, he completed the New York City Marathon just three years after his accident.

West Park focuses on the most complex rehabilitation challenges, providing a continuum of care that starts where acute care hospitals leave off. We help people return home safely after an acute hospital stay and maintain their health so they don’t have to return to hospital. The result is better patient outcomes, and greater efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability for the health system.

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West Park was founded with the support of a philanthropic legacy when, in 1904, Sir William Gage purchased the Buttonwood Farm to offer as the site of a new hospital. His legacy helped to lay the foundation for our future.

A gift in your will to West Park Healthcare Centre Foundation can have this same lasting impact.  Your support, either directed by you to a specific purpose at West Park or to West Park’s highest priorities, will ensure that we offer exceptional care to our patients for generations to come and that we have the best facilities to help them get there. It will help people with severe injury and illness to safely return home, and to the lives they love.

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