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About YWCA Niagara Region

The YWCA Niagara Region is a local organization that stands for gender equity and gives a voice to those who are marginalized in our community. For over 90 years, the YW has served as a safe haven for women and families in need across the Niagara Region from Grimsby to Fort Erie and everywhere in between.

We offer emergency shelter to homeless women, men and families (this includes anybody who identifies as non-binary). In addition to our emergency shelters, we offer three stages of transitional housing to help our clients, step by step, break the cycle of homelessness and poverty for good. Along with all of those programs, we offer a wide variety of skills development workshops where participants can gain the tools needed to care for their mental health, manage addictions, and practice financial management and independence. They are offered to anybody in our programs, in schools, and some of them are open to the general public.

At the YW, we also engage in anti-human trafficking work through the development of protocols and educational programs, advocacy and our Anti-Human Trafficking Safer House program.

We know that when we help a woman in need, her entire family benefits. All of the work we do is driven by our vision to create a Niagara where women and families thrive. We are tireless advocates for gender equity.

Our Impact

Our services impact women of all ages, from infants to seniors, from all walks of life. For many, our services make the difference between sleeping in a warm bed with clean sheets and spending another night sleeping in a car, going to bed hungry and a fresh nutritious meal, or feeling like there is no hope and know tomorrow is another opportunity to thrive.

We are proud of the support our programs and services provided to the community in the past year, including:
– 855 women, men, and their families had a warm place to stay and three meals per day
– 507 women and children stayed in our Emergency Women’s Shelter
– 31 families with 7 children stayed in our Family Shelters
– 79 men stayed in our Men’s Shelter
– 1,535 participants took part in our Skills Development Workshops
– 336 clients accessed our three-stage Transitional Housing program
– 44 clients stayed in our Housing First units

This year, we’re proud to announce the launch of our Anti-Human Trafficking Safer House program, provided refuge and critical services to survivors of human trafficking across Niagara. Our Safer House is a place of comfort and healing for 5-6 survivors at a time.

How your gift will be used

A gift in your will to the YWCA Niagara Region will provide ongoing support to our emergency shelter, transitional housing and skills development programming. Walking through our doors is often the first step in the journey towards becoming financially independent and self-sustainable. Your legacy gift will make it possible for us to help impoverished women who accesses our services and provide them with the life skills to raise their families out of poverty.

Through your kindness and generosity, we can continue supporting over 1000 homeless women and their families each year.


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