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YWCA St. Thomas-Elgin

Community Benefit, Social Service


Providing leadership, advocacy, opportunities, and a voice. Empowering women and their families, every day!

We maintain a role in our community as an innovator and a provider of diverse community services. Our programs and services include youth homelessness prevention, supportive, affordable housing for adults & youth, food security, settlement services, language classes, adult education & basic literacy, school age childcare, life skill development, recreation & aquatics, poverty intervention, job readiness & training.

For more information about all of our many program areas visit our YWCA St.Thomas-Elgin website (

We believe women must take leadership in shaping society’s direction in order to achieve equity and equality for all women. We believe in healthy communities, free from violence, racism, and other abuses of power. We believe that strength, wisdom, and character come from the balanced development of the whole person in body, mind, and spirit. We believe that the world-wide struggle for equity and equality interconnects all women. We believe in order to achieve social and other forms of justice, we must embrace difference and diversity among peoples.

Our Impact

This past year we continued to show our resilience. Wherever possible, programs were modified to meet the new reality of living in a pandemic, technology was embraced, enhanced, and shared. Our Essential Service Staff rose to the challenge. We learned new ways to stay connected while also providing necessary in person services, continuing to meet the needs of the clients and families we serve.

We offer a client centered approach, utilizing trauma informed care to provide a welcoming and inclusive experience for all children, youth and adults we service.

The YWCA continues to look for opportunities to enhance our community and offer an array of services that will reduce barriers faced by the most marginalized. Our newest housing project will be the creation of a Tiny Hope community providing 40 affordable rental units amongst a mix of one bedroom and two bedroom units within an apartment building and tiny homes.

How your gift will be used

Your gift will go towards strengthening our existing community programs. YWCA St.Thomas-Elgin depends on the support of people like you to help those in need each day.

You may choose the program you want to support or select the areas of greatest need.

Your gift supports the YWCA in many ways including:

• supportive housing and case management services within our 6 housing locations
• school age programming for kids and teens around self-esteem, healthy relationships and being an engaged community member
• preventing a young person from experiencing homelessness
• building life skills in a youth so that they can gain housing stability and economic security
• welcoming newcomers to our community with open arms and the tools they require to make Elgin County feel like home
• advocacy to ensure our goal of providing services for healthy communities, free from violence, racism, and other abuses of power is attainable and sustainable

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The Young Women's Christian Association of St. Thomas Elgin

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11930 7403RR0001

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