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About Adam Chapman

Retirement is a massive life transition. You have to be prepared emotionally and financially.

I started YESmoney to connect people nearing and in their retirement years with first class financial and cash flow planning. The YESmoney approach is founded on an unconventional concept: spending instead of saving.

To be clear, ‘spending’ doesn’t mean ‘spending it all’. It means deciding what you want in retirement, getting comfortable with the cost, and then using your money with confidence.

Why YESmoney?

Along with my finance and financial planning credentials I’ve spent years studying the science of human behaviour and psychology. These skills help me to connect with, understand, and serve you in ways that may surprise you.

Listening, empathizing, and caring are actions often absent from retirement planning conversations, but they bring an intimacy to the process that’s incredibly important, and one that doesn’t come from textbooks.

I want you to say YES

Finding ways for you to say yes to your money is my job. I want you to take action and experience outcomes that will reward and surprise you. Saying yes can be hard at first. You may be worried that your money is going to run out. Believe me, it won’t. You have the means. Now it’s just a matter of what you’re going to do with it.

– Adam Chapman

Typical Clients

I typically work with clients who are retirement-focused and are looking for ways to spend their retirement savings with confidence, while ensuring steady income throughout their retirement years. We work together to help you accumulate experiences, not dividends, whether that’s supporting a favourite cause or charity, gifting to family, or taking that trip you’ve always dreamed of.

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