Daniel Frajman, TEP

Attorney, Spiegel Sohmer Attorneys

About Daniel Frajman

Daniel Frajman, attorney, and member of the Bar of Quebec and the Law Society of Ontario, prepares custom-made wills and other testamentary and estate planning documents, including protection mandates and trusts, for a loyal clientele that draws upon his experience of over twenty years at the well-known tax-planning and civil and commercial law office of Spiegel Sohmer Attorneys in Montreal, Quebec, where Daniel is a partner.

Daniel’s clients draw upon his deep expertise in wills, charitable giving and trusts and well-known personal service, as shown by his commitment to the community:  Daniel was the President of the Montreal Branch of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) from 2016 to 2018 and currently sits on national and international STEP committees, he currently volunteers as a board member for several charitable organizations and he frequently publishes legal articles and makes educational presentations in the field of wills and estate planning, including for the Canadian Association of Gift Planners (CAGP), where Daniel is a proud member, and for the McGill University Faculty of Law.

Daniel’s clients also benefit form his deep knowledge in the law of charitable organizations and charitable giving (Daniel has guided many donors with their will gifts and other donations, and also advises charities on guidelines for accepting and using gifts and on Canada Revenue Agency regulations).

Typical Clients

  • Guiding persons (such as entrepreneurs, retirees and also high net worth individuals) writing their first will, but also long-time clients updating their wills and reviewing their estate and trust plans (including dealing with corporate structures and in some cases even forming foundations and charitable organizations for clients). In all cases, wills are notarized in-house at Daniel’s office
  • Clients have had small or large families to provide for, or in some cases no family, and whenever desired by the client, charitable bequests were addressed
  • Clients often have all of their assets in Quebec, but also Daniel often assists clients with assets in more than one province or country (such as Canada-US cross border) which is a challenge and fulfilling to address

Contact Daniel Frajman about adding a charitable gift to your Will

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