Jane Lapointe, CPCA, MFA-P

Senior Wealth Manager, Assante Financial Management Ltd.

About Jane Lapointe

Jane Lapointe joined Fenlon Financial in 1996 as an associate with founder, Walter Fenlon.  The firm became Assante Financial Management Ltd. in 2001.  Jane became Partner in 2010.  As Senior Wealth Advisor, Jane sees a key role as translating the noise of the financial world in a way that is relevant and meaningful to the people she works with.  Jane’s primary business focus is in working with families as senior parents age and adult children become care givers.

Outside of work, Jane is actively involved in the community and holds advisory positions with United Way KFL&A, Compassionate Communities Kingston and the Queen’s Family Health Team.  She is also a supporter of the arts through the purchase of works of local artists.  She and her husband, Rick, spend their summers on Howe Island.

Typical Clients

You. Your Family. Your Community.

We are all living longer. This is the first time we are seeing two sets of retirees in the same family. It’s not if you will be a caregiver, but when. In the last 10 years of life, we will experience the most health challenges.

Our industry typically does retirement planning and estate planning. What makes us different, is that we will work with you to create your:

  • Retirement Plan
  • Estate Plan
  • Aging Plan (so you can age well and stay independent)
  • Charitable Giving Plan (because Community is important to all of us)