Financial Planner

Jessica Holvik, CFP®, MFA-P

Financial Planning Advisor, Assante Capital Management Ltd.

About Jessica Holvik

Jessica is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional and Master Financial Advisor in Philanthropy.

Jessica began her career as a teacher, and later transferred her love of educating and helping people to the financial industry.

Jessica provides comprehensive advice that allows you to meet your own individualized goals. She loves to make you feel confident and secure in your financial decisions, and to show you how to create a kinder future for yourself, your family, and our world.

Jessica has a passion for holistic financial planning. Financial planning provides a breadth and depth of advice encompassing your whole financial picture, which helps you to make the most of what you have, and live your best possible life according to what is most important to YOU. She also has a passion for enabling you to live out your values and have a positive impact in our world, whether it is through being strategic in your spending, in philanthropic giving, or by choosing investments in your portfolio that align with your values.

Typical Clients

The people who get the most benefit out of working with Jessica are individuals and couples who want to:

  • Protect the future for themselves and their families
  • Build or maintain financial independence
  • Reduce the amount of income tax they pay when possible
  • Have trusted professionals guiding them so they can focus their time and energy on the other important things in their life
  • Be well informed about the decisions they are making
  • Have a positive impact by giving their time, talents, or money to causes they care about

Contact Jessica Holvik about adding a charitable gift to your Will

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