Jos Herman, CPA, CA, CFP, TEP

Director of Wealth, Tax & Estate Planning, Resources & Solutions

About Jos Herman

At my firm, Resources & Solutions Professional Corporation, we provide wealth, tax and estate planning consultation to you as an individual, you as a business owner – and how this connects to your family, your wealth, and your estate.

Experience & Expertise. You need a professional that provides Individual and Business Solutions focused on:

  • Tax concepts
  • Tax efficient wealth strategies
  • Philanthropy
  • Asset Protection
  • Intergeneration wealth transfer

Typical Clients

I want to hear your story.

My clients rely on my thoughtful and comprehensive approach to their wealth, tax and estate planning.

As an Individual, Business Owner or Professional, you may be focused on the tasks at hand. The importance of such planning is often over looked.

Your well-thought-out and comprehensive estate plan may reveal that trusts, corporate life insurance, shareholder agreements, and beneficiary designations can bring the clarity you need.


I am a proud member of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners