Karen Sparks, MBA, CFP, TEP

Director, Philanthropic Advisory Services, BMO Private Wealth

About Karen Sparks

As part of BMO Philanthropic Advisory Services Karen is a specialist in philanthropic planning and execution, helping families develop and implement strategic plans aligned to their charitable giving priorities.

The demand for strategic advice on philanthropy is growing. Increasingly, Canadians are looking for guidance on how to make a meaningful and tax-efficient impact with their donations to causes that are important to them. When done strategically, this can have an immense impact on one’s financial well-being and, perhaps more importantly, the legacy left behind.

BMO Private Wealth is here to help Canadians “Boldly Grow the Good.”

Typical Clients

I help our clients transition from doing charitable giving to thinking like a philanthropist. Our process includes identifying translating your family’s values to a mission statement and program goals, and developing granting guidelines, researching funding needs and opportunities, evaluating funding proposals and ongoing monitoring and evaluation of programs.

Contact Karen Sparks about adding a charitable gift to your Will

karen.sparks@bmo.com 416-359-7422 Karen's website