Michael Flux, CFA, CFP, CIM, MBA, MFA-P

Executive Vice President & Portfolio Manager, Connor, Clark & Lunn Private Capital Ltd.

About Michael Flux

There are those who have spent a lifetime building their wealth, making their mark. Once they do, they turn to us to help them find smart, socially responsible ways to protect and grow their hard-earned capital, and to turn that success into a legacy.

In my role as Executive Vice President and Portfolio Manager for CC&L Private Capital, I understand the importance of pension-calibre solutions tailored to clients’ unique situations. By introducing affluent Canadians and their families, as well as foundations and other not-for-profit organizations, to CC&L Private Capital’s discretionary wealth management services, I provide a confident approach to guiding my clients towards achieving their long-term financial goals.

What I find most fulfilling is helping high-net-worth clients in three primary ways. First, and foremost, is building tailored pension-caliber investment portfolios that include alternative and/or responsible investment strategies. Another is helping clients with social impact and strategic philanthropy planning. And finally, I love helping successful entrepreneurs source expansion and succession capital for their businesses. I use my extensive network to help connect clients with resources and outside experts they need for their unique situations and goals.

That’s why I work to help clients:
• Upgrade their investment situation.
• Simplify their lives.
• Improve their life circumstances.
• Leave a legacy.

My family and I established and funded The Flux Foundation to drive positive change in our shared community. I’m gratified when I can do the same for clients and help them turn success into an even greater legacy.

Strategic philanthropy delivers a rewarding opportunity for clients, and I’ve made it my mission to guide them on this path. Helping clients engage in philanthropy and socially responsible investing is not just about making the right recommendations, it’s my life’s passion.

Specialties include: HNW investment management | alternative investments | responsible investing | strategic philanthropy

Typical Clients

  • HNW Investors: My ideal client is a HNW investor or family with more than $1 million to invest, and they care about leaving much good behind in the world.
  • Philanthropists: I am most passionate about working with clients who want to create social impact through effective investment planning and strategic philanthropy.
  • Business Owners: I also work with business owner clients to help them source expansion or succession capital.

Contact Michael Flux about adding a charitable gift to your Will

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