Yogesh Sheta, RWM™, MFA-P™

Director - Corporate Risk, Wealth & Estate Tax solutions, Strategic Philanthropy, Immunis Financial Brokers Inc.

About Yogesh Sheta

Dedicated to shaping the financial futures of businesses and families, Yogesh Sheta serves as a Corporate Insurance Specialist at Immunis Financial Brokers Inc. His expertise extends to offering tailored insurance services to professional corporations, business owners, and high-net-worth families, ensuring their assets and legacies are shielded from unforeseen contingencies. By turning taxes into charity and crafting tax-efficient methodologies, he empowers business owners with financial peace of mind.

Yogesh’s prowess lies in his ability to collaborate seamlessly with accountants, corporate lawyers, and bankers. Together, they design advanced life insurance plans and comprehensive estate-planning solutions. Fully grasping the intricate challenges business owners encounter, he’s championed the philosophy that life insurance isn’t just a safeguard—it’s a strategy.

A testament to his commitment to excellence, Yogesh is an active member of esteemed organizations like the MDRT Foundation, Advocis, STEP Canada, and CAGP. His credentials extend across Canada with life insurance licenses in six provinces, complemented by a certificate of distinction for the RWM™ & MFA – P™ designations. Ever eager to ascend in his profession, Yogesh is currently delving deeper into financial strategies by pursuing certifications in CFP® and TEP®.

Typical Clients

Business owners,

High net-worth families,

Professionals like Dentists, Doctors, and Pharmacists.


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