Mental Health Foundation



We all have mental health.

We raise funds for a future where it’s always taken care of.

Today, someone in your community is desperate for support. Close to relapse. Alone, afraid, distressed, perhaps even having thoughts of harming themselves. 

For them, we have a better future in mind.

The Mental Health Foundation is dedicated to building an accessible, integrated, and easy-to-navigate addiction and mental health system in Alberta.

With the help of generous donors, we support public addiction and mental health centres and programs across the province.

For a future where community members can live full, meaningful lives.

Because like the common cold or a broken bone, mental health is treatable. All it takes is a helping hand. 

Our Impact

One in five. That’s how many Albertans are impacted by mental health issues, and it is estimated that one in ten will require addiction treatment at some point in their lives.

Real people. Real lives. Urgent need. 

These stats can seem overwhelming, but they don’t have to be.

Every day, people we know and love access programs that change their lives for the better, thanks to the generosity of our donors. People like you. 

Your donation ensures that every Albertan has access to the support and care they need, when they need it most, no matter their income level, education, or degree of illness. 

A better future for all ages and stages, from childhood to old age, with no gaps in service. 

Because, no one should get left behind.

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Mental Health Foundation

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82157 7673 RR0001

How your gift will be used

Your gift helps the Foundation respond to urgent need across various areas of the addiction and mental health care system.

Says Jill Kelland,

“I left a gift in my will because I saw the promising direction of the Foundation, particularly for youth. It was the first time I truly felt there was a cause that would spend my money the way I wanted.”

The generosity of donors:

  • Creates modern, well-designed mental health treatment spaces that contribute to healing and the therapeutic benefit of services
  • Helps address the immediate needs of those suffering with mental illness and addiction by offering access to needed services
  • Funds support systems that empower patients to get and benefit from the help they need, whenever they need it
  • Supports breakthroughs in research that can change how mental health and addiction are thought and talked about. 
  • Strengthens community members’ ability to uplift each other from skill-building workshops to virtual seminars

Your support matters. More lives changed. More lives saved. A better future starts with you, today.

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