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Like Beatrice, we all have dreams. Though her young son Darrel was just 18 months old, she had hopes he would grow up healthy and independent. Sadly, she learned that Darrel had glaucoma, a disease that damages the optic nerve due to high eye pressure. “I was shocked to learn this condition would gradually make Darrel blind,” Beatrice shared. “I wanted so badly to have him treated, but it was very difficult because of our financial situation.”

Globally, over one billion people are living with vision loss because they do not have access to basic eye care services. Yet, 90 percent of these cases are preventable or treatable. While this number is significant, we have been gradually making a difference in the countries where we work.


Will you join us in our mission to prevent blindness and restore sight around the world?

An international development organization, Operation Eyesight has been preventing blindness and restoring sight since 1963. Our locally based solutions create accessible eye health services. By recruiting community health workers as champions who educate communities on eye health and wellbeing, we can eliminate avoidable blindness. Currently our eye health and community development programs operate in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia and Zambia. We plan to expand to other countries to meet the growing need.

Our vision is the elimination of avoidable blindness.

For people who live in developing countries, losing their sight can be devastating. Children may struggle in school, or be unable to participate. Adults cannot support themselves and seniors may experience isolation. For millions of people, vision loss can be treated, or prevented, with access to quality eye health care.

Learn more about our innovative and sustainable Hospital-Based Community Eye Health Model here.

Our Impact

In 2020 alone:

  • Partner hospitals performed 147,031 eye surgeries
  • 1,411,994 people were screened for eye conditions
  • We provided 202,631 pairs of prescription eyeglasses to children and adults
  • We empowered 414 ophthalmic personnel to provide eye health care
  • We rehabilitated or drilled 250 boreholes which provide fresh water to villages

While these statistics demonstrate measurable success, it is stories like Beatrice’s that bring us joy. Her fear that Darrel would become blind was overwhelming. “My prayer was that my child could grow up and live an independent life.”

Fortunately, our Kenya team met Beatrice during the 2015 Standard Chartered Bank Nairobi Marathon, where we had a booth promoting eye health awareness.

Beatrice approached our staff and asked them to examine Darrel; he was given an urgent referral to one of our partner eye units. In January 2016, Darrel received transformational surgery at no cost to the family, thanks to the support of donors.

For three consecutive years, we have been named a Top 10 Impact Charity by Charity Intelligence Canada, recognizing the impact created by every dollar donated. We encourage you to read our latest annual report.

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Today, Beatrice is as ecstatic and grateful as Darrel is healthy. “The doctors assured me that his condition has stabilized and won’t deteriorate. Now he’ll have the opportunity to fulfill the dreams we have for him!”

“I appreciate the generosity of those who donated their money so that children like my son are treated free of charge. May God bless you abundantly!” – Beatrice

By leaving a gift in your will to Operation Eyesight, your compassion for others will endure for generations. What a meaningful legacy it would be to ensure that quality, accessible eye health will be there for years to come. The ripple effect of your generosity means more than the gift of sight. It means children can thrive in school, grandparents can see the faces of their grandchildren and parents can care for their families through fulfilling employment. With access to clean water and sustainable eye health programs, your kindness will contribute to the overall wellbeing of communities into the future. Does the gift of sight resonate with your vision or dream for leaving a legacy?

Thank you for considering a gift to Operation Eyesight in your will. You can learn more here, or by emailing sengerd@operationeyesight.com

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