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The Heart Institute was founded in 1976 by Dr. Wilbert Keon.  Dr. Keon dreamed of an institute that would provide the highest standard of cardiac care to the Ottawa community and beyond.  A centre of excellence combining cutting edge clinical care, research, and education.  It’s this synergy that guides the work of the Heart Institute and is revolutionizing cardiovascular care world-wide.

A Canadian leader in Telemedicine/Telehealth, we’ve cut hospital re-admission by 54% for heart failure patients – saving up to $20,000 for each patient safely diverted from an ER visit, re-admission, and hospital stay.

STEMI is one of the deadliest forms of heart attack. We’ve developed and implemented an internationally recognized STEMI Protocol that has cut STEMI heart attack deaths by half.

Genetic factors account for approximately 50% of heart disease risk.  Our Ruddy Cardiovascular Genetics Centre identified the strongest genetic risk factor for coronary artery disease and heart attack to date, and collaborated internationally to identify more than 55 genomic loci that significantly alter heart disease risk.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for Canadian women. Our Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre is building programs to improve care and raise awareness to see dramatically fewer women dying from heart disease

Just a few of the ways we are working relentlessly to add to the world’s storehouse of cardiovascular knowledge, and translating discoveries into advanced care.  Our donors support the innovation that makes this possible, and the University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation is the bridge that connects our generous donor community with the programs, research, and exceptional team of health care professionals advancing cardiovascular care and saving lives every day.

Our Impact

At the Heart Institute we have one purpose – to provide the gift of time to our patients and their loved ones.  Passionate about curbing and eradicating heart disease, we work together as a team grounded on mutual trust and respect.  Celebrating each other’s accomplishments and measuring scientific and clinical success by lives saved and loved ones reunited.

“Our patients truly are our motivation. They are at the heart of why we are here, the reason for everything we do.”  – Dr. Katey Rayner

Our impact is reflected in the faces of our patients and their family, like those of father-daughter duo Eric and Kennedie. Eric suffered a STEMI heart attack at the age of 44 and the Heart Institute’s STEMI protocol helped save his life, giving Eric and 9-year-old Kennedie the gift of time.

Today’s Heart Institute was home grown by the visionary doctors, researchers, nurses, administrators, and the many donors that believed in Dr. Keon’s vision and hoped for a heart-healthier tomorrow. Today’s Donors are securing a Heart Institute for tomorrow, like the donors of yesterday secured the Heart Institute of today.

“Because it is possible for one small action to shape a spectacular outcome”                       – Dr. Wilbert Keon

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You’ve placed your heart in our hands and we’re placing our future in yours!  How your gift will be used is a decision you make and we are happy to honor.  Because it will be many years before your gift is received, we welcome the opportunity to thank you personally and to work with you to ensure that the legacy you have provided is carried out just as you envisioned

Today, accelerating research breakthroughs in cardiac treatment and prevention is our most pressing priority. Valve disease, cardiac arrhythmia and heart failure will all increase exponentially within the next 30 years. We are grateful to be working with thoughtful donors who are actively deciding the impact they want their legacy to have on the future of cardiac health.

Would you like to chat more about legacy gifts to the Heart Institute?  Contact Selva at or 613-696-7251.  All conversations are confidential and do not imply any form of commitment.

visit CTV Ottawa’s “Your Health”  to meet some of our other Heart Institute patients and hear their stories.

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