Making a Gift That Will Last the Test of Time

By Foundation of Greater Montréal

Catherine Rowe has always been involved in charity. She considers it essential to become engaged personally in charitable organizations. “Giving financial support and getting involved as a volunteer is ideal. The first step is educating oneself about organizations and the issues they deal with.”

The idea of setting up a fund at the Foundation of Greater Montréal, to support an array of causes that matter to them, came naturally. “My husband John and I decided that the timing was right to start the fund now, so that we could make decisions together as a family about the causes we want to support.”

Now Catherine and her husband have also decided to set up a gift in their Will to continue their commitment. “When our children were approaching adulthood we realized it was time to update our Wills. It was then that we made the decision to include philanthropy in our legacy. We discussed it as a family and it was a very lovely and positive experience. This decision gives us a way to influence the future, and the causes that have been important to us. It is very comforting to think that our involvement will go on even after we are gone.”

The Catherine Rowe and John Di Gironimo Family Foundation fund is particularly concerned about the environment (which their daughters care deeply about), and is also dedicated to supporting nurses. “There are a number of causes and organizations that are important to us. One of the decisions I made when thinking of including gift in my Will is to create a nursing fund at St. Mary’s Hospital – in honour of my mother, who was a nurse and had worked at St. Mary’s. The fund will help nurses to pursue their training when they might not otherwise be able to. This was a very meaningful decision for me.”

Catherine has simple but smart advice for those who want to make a difference: “Start today. Start by becoming informed about causes that are important to you personally. If you can, get involved. But whether it be your time or your money, act on your values and beliefs. And talk about the causes you support with others. Having more people actively engaged in philanthropy makes our community stronger and better.”

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