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About Halton Learning Foundation

Can you imagine a child missing class on cold winter days because her parents can’t afford boots? Can you picture a growing teenager trying to focus on learning when he hasn’t eaten a meal all day?

About 1 in 10 students of the Halton District School Board (HDSB) live at or below the poverty line and encounter financial barriers like these that make it difficult for them to regularly attend or fully engage in school. The Halton Learning Foundation’s (HLF) mission is to help to eliminate these barriers to learning by providing emergency funds, student subsidies, scholarships and school grants.

HLF believes every student in our community should have the opportunity to stay in school, to be engaged in learning, and to explore possibilities for the future.


Our Impact

Every school year, through its Eliminating Barriers Fund, the Halton Learning Foundation provides immediate financial support to more than 1,300 vulnerable students of the Halton District School Board. Many of these students begin their day without adequate nutrition, hygiene items or school supplies. These kids can fall behind before they even set foot in class.

A small helping hand from HLF can have an immediate and often life-changing impact: helping students to focus academically, allowing them to feel included with peers, and helping them to build social, physical, and emotional resilience through participation in extra-curricular teams and learning opportunities.

HLF also offers post-secondary scholarships to more than 60 graduating students annually, most of whom require outside assistance in order to pursue education beyond high school.


How your gift will be used

Some kids can clearly envision the future: their education plans, career choices and even lifestyle. For children living in poverty, it can be difficult to think beyond today. That’s where your future plans can help.

Leaving a planned gift to the Halton Learning Foundation can help ensure that all students in your community have equal opportunities for inclusion, participation and success in school. By investing in children and their education, you can leave a legacy that will last for generations.

Legacy gifts may be directed to HLF’s Eliminating Barriers fund, scholarships, or the area of greatest need as identified by the foundation.

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