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Our Hospital – Your Foundation

Your hospital in Huntsville is supported financially by the Huntsville Hospital Foundation. It is your Foundation; it is staffed by fund-raising professionals and governed by a deeply committed Board of Directors who represent both full time and seasonal residents. Every member of our Board is an active donor to the Huntsville Hospital Foundation.

Our goal is also to inspire both full time and seasonal residents in the effort – visits to Huntsville Hospital explode between May and October and covering the cost of technology needed to deal with so many patients requires all our property owners get involved.

We achieve our goals when our community steps up. And we’re pleased to report that the good people of Huntsville and the surrounding area are stepping up. The need for advances in healthcare, diagnosis and treatment never ends.

Our Impact

The People, The Tools & The Place

Every donation you make to Huntsville Hospital Foundation gives our healthcare team the tools they need to provide outstanding care. Think of it as investment in the well-being of your family, your neighbours, your visitors and your community.

Healthcare Here

It takes the support of the greater community to acquire the technology and equipment our hospital team needs.

Giving Here Ensures We Have The Right Tools

It is a common misconception that all hospital needs are covered by your tax dollars. The truth is, 90% of technology and equipment purchases are funded by the community – that would be all of us in Huntsville for example. So your donations here ensure our medical professionals and staff here have the technology they need to provide advanced care to you and your family.  See the impact of your donation!

See what your legacy could be

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Huntsville Hospital Foundation

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How your gift will be used

Technology requirements advance every year; that’s why we need your gifts every year and into the future.

Our goal is $5.5 million/year for the next 3 to 5 years based on what we know today. We’re excited for upgrades, renovations and new equipment such as; Sprott Foundation Diagnostic Imaging Department, Capital redevelopment, ICU updates, Integrated Stroke Unit, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, On-going surgical, emergency and other technology upgrades and Rehab updates.  We are planning for the future Huntsville Hospital capital rebuild.  With you at our side. We invite you to join us: your hospital, and your hospital foundation to help us fund a new generation of hospital and healthcare technology.

A legacy gift to Huntsville Hospital Foundation guarantees future funding for your local hospital here in Huntsville. It means you promise your children and their children the same access to advanced healthcare that you enjoy. It means you look beyond today to inspire others with your commitment to a bright tomorrow. And that means the world to us and everyone who lives and visits here. To learn more about legacy giving at Huntsville Hospital Foundation, please click here for our pamphlet or visit our legacy giving page.

Let’s look forward. Together.

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