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Who We Are and What We Do:

At Huron Shores Hospice you receive quality end-of-life care, at no cost. Our Hospice serves families from Saugeen Shores, Kincardine, Huron-Kinloss and surrounding areas.  We work to create a world where end-of-life receives the same beauty, care and respect as the beginning.

Grief Recovery programs are available for loved ones and End of Life Doula services are available to help you through the end-of-life process. Death Cafes help you normalize the conversation with family and friends and End-of-Life Planning sessions get you started on your end-of-life plan.

Huron Shores Hospice is a charitable not-for-profit. We are a volunteer-driven and community-funded organization. The hospice resides within Tiverton Park Manor in Tiverton, Ontario.

Our Impact

Delivering Compassionate, End-of-Life Care and Community Support Programs

In the past five years, our supporters have watched their gifts turn into action. The facility expanded from one suite to two and several free community programs have been added. End of Life Doulas now assist with end-of-life planning, Death Cafes facilitate conversations about dying and death, and Grief Recovery Method sessions provide comfort to grieving individuals and families. Families receive essential support before, during, and after their hospice experience.

The need for end-of-life care is expected to rise as the baby boomers reach their final act of living. Government funding covers just over one-third of the hospice’s budget, necessitating additional contributions from the community. By contributing, individuals can help sustain hospice beds and plan for the future, meeting the needs of our aging population.

You can see the stress melt away from our residents and their family members as they are admitted. Caregivers can return to their family roles and residents feel they are less of a burden as professionals take over their care. The goal is to ensure no one dies alone and everyone experiences dignity and compassion at the end of their lives.

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Huron Shores Hospice

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Securing Hospice Care at No Cost to Families:

Leaving a legacy gift makes a lasting impact by guaranteeing the hospice’s growth to meet community needs, allowing individuals to die with dignity and compassion close to home.

As the local community has a higher percentage of elderly individuals, the need for end-of-life care is increasing. The Ontario Government covers just over one-third of the hospice’s budget, making community contributions crucial. Your valued contribution will sustain hospice beds, meet the growing demand for community programs, and ensure that everyone receives vital support before, during, and after hospice care.

In addition to the ongoing benefits of a legacy gift, you can also enjoy valuable tax benefits. If you are interested we invite you to consult with their lawyer, accountant, or financial advisor for personalized advice on making a gift.

Your gift will change the ending of the story for our future residents and ensure no one feels overwhelmed, exhausted or worried during their final days.

Inspire hope for a better tomorrow at Huron Shores Hospice.

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