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Who We Are and What We Do:

At Huron Shores Hospice you receive quality end-of-life care, at no cost. Our Hospice serves families from Saugeen Shores, Kincardine, Huron-Kinloss and surrounding areas.  We work to create a world where end-of-life receives the same beauty, care and respect as the beginning.

Grief Recovery programs are available for loved ones and End of Life Doula services are available to help you through the end-of-life process. Death Cafes help you normalize the conversation with family and friends and End-of-Life Planning sessions get you started on your end-of-life plan.

Huron Shores Hospice is a charitable not-for-profit. We are a volunteer-led and community-funded organization. The hospice resides within Tiverton Park Manor in Tiverton, Ontario.

Our Impact

Delivering Compassionate, End-of-Life Care and Community Support Programs

During admission at Huron Shores Hospice you can see the stress melt away from the family’s shoulders. Caregivers can return to the role of husband, wife, daughter, son, grandchild once again. Their only job is to be with their loved one, making moments that matter in their final days.

At Huron Shores Hospice, residents can stay close to their loved ones. The bed around the corner allows for a good night’s sleep for family members while they stay close to their loved one in care. A Personal Support Worker sits with your loved one and attends to their needs during the night. Our professional team looks after and supports both resident and family members, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Our community Grief Recovery Program helps your loved ones to move beyond their grief through an 8-session educational program that provides a safe environment to deal with loss and provide actions that will lead them to complete unresolved emotions that may still be causing pain.

How your gift will be used

Securing No Charge Hospice Care for the Future:

Leave a legacy and impact the work done by Huron Shores Hospice. Plan a gift now that will support us in continuing to deliver services in the future.  Your gift will guarantee that we can grow with the community’s needs so no one will die alone. Everyone deserves to pass with dignity and compassion, close to home, surrounded by family and loved ones. A planned gift will help ensure this remains possible, at no cost.

Our community has more elderly than the Provincial average with almost 43% of our population over the age of 50.

The Ontario Government provides less than one-third of our annual budget. The remaining funds must come from our community. Help from individuals like you will sustain our hospice beds and help us plan for the future.

Not only will your gift help to support our services, but you will also realize valuable tax benefits to your estate. Your lawyer, accountant or financial advisor can offer the best advice for you. Please consider talking with them about leaving a gift to Huron Shores Hospice in your Will today.

Inspire hope for a better tomorrow at Huron Shores Hospice.


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