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Ontario Nature protects wild species and wild spaces through conservation, education and public engagement. Our goals are to protect and restore nature, connect people with nature, advocate on behalf of nature and educate the public about the importance of nature. Since it was established in 1931, Ontario Nature has been a champion for biodiversity in Ontario.

Together with our members – nature lovers like you – we protect nature from your backyard to the boreal forest and beyond. Our vision is to create an Ontario where nature inspires and sustains us for generations to come. One hundred years from now, it is our hope that nature’s beauty will still be intact for children to explore and love. What is your vision for the future of nature in Ontario?

Ours is a future where birdsong fills large swathes of protected forest. Meadows are alive with the hum of native bees and colourful flashes of butterflies. Our nature reserve network has grown, providing critical habitat for rare plants and animals. Healthy wetlands provide a vital refuge for reptiles and amphibians. Once threatened species like woodland caribou have survived and now thrive, their habitats protected. People make time for sunset paddles, hikes with friends and family, and to explore wild places. Children are connected with nature from infancy. And Ontarians better understand that, as humans, we are part of nature and that cherishing and living in harmony with wild species and wild spaces is the key to our future.

With a gift in your Will, you can protect nature in Ontario forever.

Our Impact

With the support of our members, we’ve achieved a lifetime of conservation victories. From spearheading the creation of a wilderness area in Algonquin Park in 1934 to advocating for a new and strengthened Endangered Species Act in 2007, Ontario Nature is the leading voice for nature in Ontario.

In our quest to protect and restore nature, we promote the creation of parks and nature reserves, the responsible management of forests, and the protection of rare, threatened, and endangered species. We own and manage a system of 26 nature reserves, totalling 3,108 hectares, protecting examples of the some of the province’s most rare and vulnerable habitats.

We are strong advocates on behalf of nature, working with decision-makers to create policies that protect wildlife and natural areas.

We also educate the public on the importance of nature in all of our lives providing opportunities for youth and adults to learn more about nature and become actively engaged in the conservation movement. Our Nature Guardians Youth Program inspires a life-long commitment to the protection of the natural world and supports today’s young conservation leaders.

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Legacy gifts help to ensure that this province’s spectacular natural heritage is protected forever. We are deeply grateful that our donors chose to translate their passion for nature into a lasting charitable gift.

Every single gift, no matter the size, is important to saving nature in Ontario.

Here are two stories of how we worked with families to ensure that the wishes of our legacy donors were fulfilled:

For Fred Bodsworth’s family, his decision to leave a legacy gift spoke to his hope for the world. Says his daughter, “His decision to protect nature with a gift in his will means as much to us as it did to him.” Fred’s bequest helped to advance the citizen science and endangered species programs – urgent work that his family told us would have been close to his heart.

Kathleen Gillespie specified that her gift be used on our Nature Reserves program. Thanks to her generosity we are establishing native grassland and woodland habitat, restoring a property near her home to its natural state. Her gift was also crucial to helping us secure over 350 acres of mature hardwood forest and provincially significant wetland that is now protected for nature forever.

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