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About Royal Botanical Gardens

For nearly eight decades, Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) has connected people to the plant world. We do this not only to awaken people to plants’ beauty, diversity and necessity, but also to serve as a beacon for an increasingly urgent movement to preserve plant species and habitats and, by extension, our planet.

Recognized as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, Royal Botanical Gardens plays a vital role in this region, protecting and preserving 2,700 acres of environmentally sensitive areas (including 2,400 acres of nature sanctuaries, 300 acres cultivated gardens and an arboretum), to improve the ecosystem from Lake Ontario to the Niagara Escarpment; ensuring a balanced relationship between people and nature, and, connecting natural spaces where wildlife can thrive. Royal Botanical Gardens is the largest botanical garden in Canada, a National Historic Site, and registered charitable organization with a mandate to bring together people, plants and nature.


Our Impact

We dedicate our expertise in horticulture, conservation, science and education to connect people, plants and place for the purpose of nurturing and preserving healthy growing life on our planet.

Our vision: a world in which everyone is awake to the beauty, diversity and necessity of plants, and from that consciousness more actively works together to protect and preserve plant species and habitats and, by extension, our planet.


How your gift will be used

All life on earth depends on plants. Ninety percent of the world’s food comes from plants, and eighty percent of all medicinal drugs originated from wild plants. Our clothing, homes, fuel products, and the very air we breathe, is dependent upon plants. Oxygen in the air we breathe comes from the photosynthesis of plants. Plants enhance our air and water quality, and provide the critical habitat for wildlife and fish populations. Plants are the only thing capable of capturing and storing the sun’s energy on a vast scale. A legacy gift to Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) can make a great impact. Your gift helps:

  • Generate and share information relevant to plants, people and society
  • Develop and maintain plant collections and gardens
  • Teach people about plants and how they can help protect the environment
  • Provide children with outdoor programs, camps and adventures within RBG’s nature sanctuaries
  • Restore wetlands, trails and forest ecosystems
  • Protect endangered species
  • Battle invasive species that destroy and harm native plants


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