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St John’s College was established in 1866; it’s a small community on the University of Manitoba campus. In serving undergraduate and graduate students at the University, St John’s College provides opportunities for students to enhance their experience on campus.

The College is an open and welcoming place for everyone where we uphold the following principles:

Academic Excellence

The College prides itself in helping students be academically successful through the services provided, including scholarships and bursaries, academic support, and chaplaincy services.

The College fosters a supportive environment that cultivates curiosity, inquiry and achievement. Dialogue between disciplines and support for interdisciplinarity encourages new approaches and knowledge sharing.


Respect and Inclusivity

SJC recognizes and acknowledges the diversity of the college community and creates a safe environment that respects differences for our members and all who visit. The College is committed to engagement that is inclusive of all of its members, and that will build relationships that promote dialogue and understanding.


Building Relationships with Community

St John’s College strives to prepare members to be well-informed citizens who contribute to improving the world. Leadership in public debate, community involvement and service, and a passion for social justice are actively modelled and encouraged.


Cultivating a Collegial Atmosphere

Using a shared governance and responsibility model, fellows and students collaborate to create a kind and caring community where intersecting and differing interests are honoured and explored. Sharing food is a gesture of hospitality, welcome and community building. That community is celebrated at tables that welcome diversity of thought and lively, respectful debate.


Our Impact

St John’s College impacts students throughout the University of Manitoba by providing them with a small community on campus. This is showcased through our 700-person student membership, St John’s Residence, and our college’s inclusivity.

Take it from our students who have found their community at the College.


“I’ve found a place to belong to on campus and a place to go,” said Yinka Odeleye, a Computer Science student.

“It’s a welcoming place for everyone, regardless of background, who you are, or where you come from. It felt like a second home to me with the welcoming staff, endless opportunities, and academic support they provide to help me get through my studies.”Fatoumatta, International Student.

Being in St John’s College has allowed me to pursue my academic dreams, especially with the scholarship I received from the College. It validated that I’m on the right path, doing the right thing, and pursuing my passion for science,” – Abby Vovchuk, Faculty of Science student.


Check out our website to see what the College has been up to lately.

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