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The Lung Association, Manitoba



The Lung Association, Manitoba Inc. is a registered charity supporting healthy breathing in the province since 1904. We are one of Canada’s oldest charities, providing services, education, awareness, as well as supporting research for the 1 in 5 Manitobans living with lung health issues.

If you can’t BREATHE, nothing else matters.

Our Impact

Our impact helps to ensure healthy breathing and clean air for Manitobans.


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The Lung Association, Manitoba Inc.

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How your gift will be used

Your gift will be used to ensure that Manitoban’s lung health is a priority through advocacy, education, and support for Manitoban’s living with lung disease.

Our other priority is for research in lung health, with a focus on early career researchers. The intention is to have long-term growth with our experts we collaborate with on multiple research projects.

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