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The Wildlife Rescue Association of BC was established in 1979 to rehabilitate wildlife affected by human activity and provide education to the public on co-existing with urban wildlife. Since that time more than 140,000 animals have been treated by Wildlife Rescue. As a result, we have become an international leader as the busiest wildlife centre in Western Canada.

Our Vision… To continually improve the welfare of urban wildlife.

Our Mission… To provide leadership in rehabilitating wildlife and in promoting the welfare of wild animals in the urban environment.

Wildlife Rescue runs its wildlife hospital 365 days of the year on the south shore of Burnaby Lake, and we rescue and treat wild animals from across the Lower Mainland, the rest of BC, and further afield.

With a team of professional wildlife rehabilitators and technicians, and an army of volunteers, we provide a temporary refuge to a diverse range of animals. Once the animals in our care are healthy and ready to live in the wild, we release them back to their natural habitat.

Our Impact

In 2022…

Wildlife Rescue admitted 5,064 animals to the wildlife hospital. Our team of expert wildlife technicians and specially-trained volunteers provided animal care for 129 species of birds, 17 mammal species, including 7 species of bats, and one reptile species.

Support Centre staff and volunteers answered 32,011 emails and phone calls, serving 221 communities.  We work diligently to help the public navigate situations involving wildlife, as well as guide the public through best practices when they find wildlife in distress. We also work in conjunction with federal agencies, universities, and museums in Canada for the purpose of contributing to the science of animals in the wild.

The Rescue, Transport, and Release (RTR) Team travelled a total of 64,240 kilometres to aid in our mission. This service is essential for the rescue program, as well as releases to the wild, or to bring animals to partners for continued care.

Our dedicated group of 277 volunteers gave a combined 24,716 hours of volunteer time and expertise to wildlife.

Wildlife Rescue’s mission is achieved year-round through high-quality education. We reach hundreds of thousands members of the public through social media, email, seasonal newsletters, televised and print media, and visits to our website.

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WRA Wildlife Rescue Association of British Columbia

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Wildlife Rescue is committed to saving the lives of injured, orphaned, or pollution-damaged wild animals and expanding public awareness for co-existing with urban wildlife. Today, the cost per patient, on average, is $260. Your legacy gift contributes to expanding care for a broader range of animals while providing the highest standard of care for many years to come.

By including Wildlife Rescue in your gift planning, you continue to help save wild animals in need today, tomorrow, and long after. Everyone can leave a charitable gift from their estate, regardless of its size. Every gift helps to provide injured or orphaned wildlife a second chance to live a natural life.

How to get started

If you are considering a legacy gift to Wildlife Rescue and would like guidance on how to begin, we are here to support you. We can provide you with basic information, review gift planning opportunities, and help you align your values with helping wildlife. Please let us know once you have made the decision to include Wildlife Rescue in your gift planning.

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