Donate to charity using your RRSP

A quick and easy way to make a powerful contribution

When you name a charity as a beneficiary of your RRSP, you keep control of the money you need during your lifetime. Whatever is left goes to your family and favourite causes. You can update your charities any time…plus, your estate will benefit from the tax credit!

Step 1

Download your RRSP provider’s beneficiary form. You can find the most common ones in the list below.

Step 2

Include your charity’s legal name and registration number in the list of beneficiaries. Write the % they should receive.

Step 3

Submit the form to your RRSP provider. It’s also a good idea to let your charity know.

Download your beneficiary form

If your RRSP is managed by a financial advisor, contact your advisor.

Note: In Quebec you can only name a charity as a beneficiary of your RRSP through your Will.

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