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A better world through strategic charitable giving

Canadian charities are needed now more than ever. They are the first to help the most vulnerable in our communities, in times of crisis and beyond. We know that a growing and changing population, economic shifts, international crises, and environmental challenges have increased the pressure on the charitable sector. Yet as demand increases, funding for charities to keep pace has declined.

The CAGP Foundation plays a vital role in addressing this challenge by strengthening the capacity of Canada’s charities to adapt, to evolve and to build sustainability, so that they can continue to play an important role in society. We strive to educate, collaborate, advocate and inspire those who work with philanthropists in Canada.

Established almost three decades ago to champion the growth and development of this innovative, long-term strategy, the Canadian Association of Gift Planners (CAGP) is the only organization in Canada that brings together charitable fundraisers and advisors into one professional association, creating a powerful synergy.


Our Impact

Transforming charities, transforming lives

WHY you give is important. WHAT you give can make a huge difference to people’s lives. But HOW you give can result in longer term impact, and greater sustainability.

Canada has one of the most generous tax systems in the world when it comes to supporting charitable giving. There is no doubt that giving comes from the heart, but gifts in Wills, gifts of securities, gifts of life insurance and other planned gifts, enable Canadians to give more to charities and also have a positive effect on their financial and estate plans. It’s a strategy that results in greater impact.

Gift planning can transform charities, giving every donor the opportunity to make bigger contributions to the causes they believe in. Major donors can amplify their gifts by being strategic. Loyal donors who give modest amounts can make a significant difference through planning a gift in their Will.

A strategic charitable giving program can sustain charities and provide resilience in times of need. We changes lives – literally – as we empower donors to give more to the causes that have meaning for them, to contribute more to their communities.

How your gift will be used

Your legacy gift is a unique contribution to the charitable sector. 

YOU have the ability to amplify the generosity of every philanthropist.

Your generosity will support:

  • Outstanding learning opportunities and professional development to both charitable fundraisers and professional advisors in the area of strategic charitable giving.
  • A collaborative environment where like-minded professionals and experts can partner with other organizations to call, with one voice, for strategic charitable giving.
  • Research into how Canadians make strategic decisions about their philanthropy and the potential to get more money to causes and communities across the country.
  • Advocacy for a beneficial tax and legislative environment that strengthens philanthropic giving.
  • Public awareness to show every Canadian the enormous potential they have to change lives through a gift in their Will.


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