Charitus (formerly ELFEC) is a Lutheran Foundation with a mission to help congregations take care of and grow investments, to help individuals leave gifts to the Church, and to grant money to Lutheran charities and other church-related projects.

How we can help

Gift Planning:
Our Lutheran Planned Giving program encourages and assists people to make planned gifts to the church and other charities

Donor-advised funds:
A Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) with Charitus can support the goals of individuals and organization’s alike without incurring high costs of creating own foundation

Charitus provides educational resources to partners and individuals on ethical, faith-based investing, fund development, and gift planning

Investment Oversight:
Charitus fund allows charitable organizations to pool their investments with ours, benefiting from professional asset management and an ethical, faith-based perspective

Our Impact

Charitus believes that generosity grows at the crossroad of faith and finance. Our vision is growing generosity among the members, supporters, congregations and institutions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.

Your gift, made in faith, hope and love, will continue to make a difference.

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How your gift will be used

Charitus’ Lutheran Planned Giving program’s mission is simple “to encourage and assist people to make planned gifts to the church.”  The focus is on what impact YOU, the donor, wants to have within your congregation and community.  The possibilities are endless.

Through a gift in a Will, the following ministries can be supported:

  • Congregation food distribution programs
  • College and University scholarships
  • Redeveloping churches physical assets to assist with outward-looking community service
  • Upkeep and improvements to church camps, facilitating future generations to explore their faith in an outdoor setting
  • Relief and Development programs, including refugee resettlement, the training of nurses, and crisis care

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