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In 1875, The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) opened its doors “for the admission and treatment of all sick children.” From that original eleven-room house in Toronto, SickKids has been moved and rebuilt many times, but it’s always remained committed to that original vision. A hub of innovative research and compassionate care, SickKids is now one of the most esteemed paediatric hospitals in the world.

To help the hospital advance its goal of improving child heath, SickKids Foundation was established in 1972. This is our mission:

All of this is within reach, but not without your help.

That’s because we’ve always relied on our donor community to drive innovation and improve care. So, as we march towards tomorrow—and a brighter future for children everywhere—that support will be more important than ever before.

Our Impact

SickKids treats everything from broken arms to rare cancers. Each year, we treat about 150,000 patients with world-class care, while our scientists pursue breakthroughs.

Canadian Impact

For many Canadian children requiring specialized care, SickKids is their only option.

  • SickKids performs more than half of all Canadian paediatric transplants
  • SickKids performs the largest volume of complex neonatal surgeries in Ontario
  • SickKids is one of the largest mental health providers in Ontario

Global Impact

While our hospital is in Canada, our impact is global.

  • Through the Herbie Fund, 800+ patients from over 100 countries have visited for lifechanging surgeries
  • AboutKidsHealth, our online resource, ensures anyone can access SickKids expertise
  • Each year, SickKids trains more than 300 fellows from about 60 countries

Research Impact

SickKids is Canada’s most research-intensive children’s hospital, leading groundbreaking studies with global implications.

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Legal Name

The Hospital for Sick Children Foundation

Charity Number

10808 4419 RR0001

How your gift will be used

Is the health of children a cause that’s close to your heart? A gift in your will to SickKids is the way to make the greatest impact. Because SickKids is Canada’s most research-intensive hospital, and ranks as one of the top three paediatric hospitals in the world, we lead in making the discoveries and developing new treatments that do the most to help kids. Legacy giving plays a huge role in making this possible:

  • A gift in will helped establish the SickKids Research Institute, where momentous discoveries – like the gene for cystic fibrosis – have been made, and continue to be made, by over 2,000 staff
  • SickKids pioneers treatments, like the first kidney transplant in a child (1969); SickKids surgeons were among the first in Canada to perform successful cardiac surgery on a baby in utero
  • SickKids helps children across Canada – performing more than half of all Canadian paediatric transplants, and more than 75% of children’s liver transplants
  • SickKids helps children everywhere – yearly, more than 300 fellows from about 60 countries train here, taking SickKids expertise home with them

Impact like this can be your gift to the future. Learn more about leaving a gift in your will for SickKids.

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