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The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) is a world-leading children’s hospital. Our patients come from all corners of Ontario, Canada, and across the globe to be treated for everything from broken arms and appendicitis to rare brain cancers and fetal heart defects.

Scientists and health professionals also flock to SickKids to collaborate with experts in an environment that integrates world-class education, research breakthroughs, and family-centred care to improve and save lives.

These factors make SickKids uniquely positioned to actualize Precision Child Health — a shift to healthcare that is individualized to each patient’s unique characteristics, from their genetic code to their postal code. Precision Child Health aims to:

  • Diagnose faster. Knowing what’s wrong more quickly means less stress for kids and their families. And tells doctors where to start.
  • Treat smarter. Finding the right way to treat a child the first time means less pain, fewer side effects, and faster healing. So more kids get better.
  • Predict better. Being able to predict illness may one day mean preventing it entirely. In the meantime, knowing what’s coming arms SickKids to fight illness better.

Leaving a gift in will enables SickKids to save more lives and, one day, stop illness before it starts. You can help heal the future with a gift in your will. Visit to learn how.

Our Impact

SickKids provides world-class care to patients with everything from broken arms to rare cancers. Every year, more than 134,000 patients come through our doors, with over 290,000 visits to our clinics and Emergency Department.

Canadian Impact

SickKids is the largest provider of paediatric healthcare in Canada. For many children requiring specialized care across the country, SickKids is their best — or only — option.

  • Over half of all Canadian paediatric transplants occur at SickKids, including three-quarters of liver transplants
  • More than 850 critically ill babies receive leading-edge care each year at SickKids, which has the busiest Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the country

Global Impact

While our hospital is in Canada, our impact is global.

  • Over 79 million people globally accessed AboutKidsHealth, our free health education site, over the past five years
  • Nearly 850 patients from 100+ countries have visited SickKids for lifechanging surgeries

Research Impact

SickKids is the most research-intensive children’s hospital in Canada, leading ground-breaking studies with global implications.

  • SickKids was named Canada’s most research-intensive hospital in 2018 and continues to break barriers, from uncovering the genetics to cancer to utilizing artificial intelligence
  • In 2022, SickKids was named one of the top 3 children’s hospitals in the world

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A gift in your will creates a legacy that lasts: a legacy of healthier children.

Your generosity will help SickKids advance Precision Child Health. This shift in healthcare will deliver definitive diagnoses and tailored treatments to more children so more kids get better sooner.

Legacy giving can generate an unimaginable impact on future generations. Take John Paris Bickell, for example, who decided to leave a gift in his will for SickKids after his ailing brother received treatment at our hospital. His generosity helped create the SickKids Research Institute in 1954, which has since become the largest hospital-based research facility in the country with more than 2,000 of the world’s top scientists.

Impact like this can be your legacy.

Learn how you can heal the future for kids like Simon by leaving a gift in your will to SickKids. And watch the following video to hear firsthand from Simon’s doctor at SickKids about how Precision Child Health gave Simon a life without fear of life-threatening allergies:

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