The Jubilee Fund

Community Benefit, Indigenous, Social Service


Jubilee Fund, launched in 2000, is Manitoba’s only charitable ethical investment fund. We are here to help Manitoba non-profits working to reduce the impact of poverty

We seek to raise awareness of the interrelated issues of poverty reduction, financial assets, and access to credit. We provide loan guarantees, direct loans and bridge financing to non-profits working to reduce poverty.

The Jubilee Fund Inc. is a registered Canadian charity. Loan funds are raised through Jubilee Investment Certificates (JICs). Operational funds are supported through donations from individuals, foundations, corporations, and the sale of Jubilee Fund memberships.


The Jubilee Fund sees a future in which equitable economic opportunities are available to all members of society.


The Jubilee Fund’s mission is to finance projects that reduce poverty and have a positive social impact in Manitoba. The Jubilee Fund is a non-profit lender that finances organizations and individuals that do not qualify for traditional financing.


  • Local ownership
  • Community ownership
  • Democratic ownership
  • Cooperative ownership
  • Economic participation by women
  • Economic participation by people with disabilities
  • Economic participation by Indigenous people
  • Economic participation by newcomers to Canada
  • Equitable, and sustainable business practices
  • Opportunities for all

Our Impact

When you leave a legacy gift to Jubilee Fund, you create a Social Impact.

Social Impact through Jubilee Fund are all the positive outcomes gained from reducing poverty in Manitoba.

Thanks to Jubilee Fund investors and donors, we can offer loan guarantees, direct loans and bridge financing for social impact projects focused on poverty reduction, allowing them to reach more people and provide more services for marginalized individuals and families in Manitoba. We work in three main areas: affordable housing, community/social projects (programs for at risk youth, daycares for low-income families, employment certification and training etc.) and social businesses like worker co-ops.

To date Jubilee Fund has helped create/support:

  • 392 rent-geared to income housing units
  • 617 low-income daycare spots allowing parents to go back to work
  • 359 jobs
  • 173 newcomers to Canada with professional job training, financial training and accreditation transfer
  • 82 community members affected by mental and physical disabilities including at-risk youth.

This is just a portion of the impact Jubilee Fund has had in your community by supporting over 60 social impact projects.

How your gift will be used

Imagine escaping your home country in the midst of chaos. Each day up until you arrived in Canada, you feared your children or partner would be ripped away from you. You get to Canada only to realize your doctor credentials are of no use here. You work as a cashier for minimum wage while struggling to provide basic needs for your family like food. You hear of an organization that can help get your credentials transferred so you can work as a doctor again. You complete the accreditation transfer program, start working as a doctor again and are able to provide your family with a comfortable and joy filled lifestyle.

This is just one example of the impact your legacy gift can have through the Jubilee Fund. Others include:

  • Affordable housing and rent-geared-to-income housing
  • Subsidized child care spot creation so parents can go back to work or school
  • Mental health supports for at-risk youth
  • Job readiness training for marginalized youth and underemployed community members
  • Job creation for previously incarcerated community members
  • Social enterprise growth.

Your legacy gift will help ensure social impact projects and marginalized community members’ access to financial services they would otherwise not qualify for.

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