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Transformed health. Transformed lives. This is our vision. For nearly 30 years, the QEII Foundation has been advancing health care through the QEII Health Sciences Centre by funding new technologies, medical research, innovation and professional education that contribute to life-changing moments experienced every day by QEII patients and their loved ones.

About the QEII Health Sciences Centre
As the largest adult hospital in Atlantic Canada, the QEII is more than 10 buildings on two sites. It’s thousands of people delivering exceptional care, every day. From the operating room to the research lab, and everywhere in between, the most advanced care in our region is within the walls of the QEII. In addition to being the specialized care centre for heart health, cancer care, neurosurgery and organ transplantation, the QEII is the leading research centre and training facility for tomorrow’s healthcare professionals.

Our Impact

Thanks to our generous community of donors, we are making significant advancements in health care at the QEII Health Sciences Centre and through our $100-million We Are campaign. Recent highlights include Atlantic Canada’s first hybrid operating room, four surgical robotics systems, a world’s first cancer-fighting technology, and more.

Our donors are giving patients access to treatments and diagnoses faster, physicians and healthcare teams access to new and improved equipment to work with and safe lives with, and Atlantic Canadians peace of mind knowing that they can receive world-class care here at home.

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