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The University of Toronto is Canada’s leading university. It consistently ranks among the best public universities worldwide. U of T is known for its game-changing health discoveries, impactful sustainability solutions, productive innovation ecosystem, global leadership in ethical AI and fundamental commitment to inclusion.

Our vision is for a just, sustainable and prosperous future. We transform students into engaged citizens and produce research with wide-ranging impact in a vast array of fields. U of T scholars ask bold questions and solve complex social, economic, environmental and health issues with ingenuity, creativity and integrity.

Our Impact

U of T admits more students from families with incomes below $50,000 than any other Ontario university. Through our guarantee that lack of funds will never prevent students from completing their programs, we ensure that talented young people can pursue their dreams.

Given this chance, they make a difference! One graduate in four has founded at least one company. More than half have produced books, plays or artworks. Our alumni have created 3.7 million jobs around the world.

Our research record, along with that of our hospital partners, includes revolutionary discoveries: insulin, stem cells, T-cell receptors, genes responsible for early-onset Alzheimer’s, seismic-resistant cast steel and AI’s deep learning paradigm.

Our scholars rank in the world top five for research output. Our community has launched more than 650 startups in the past decade. We count eight Nobel Laureates among our faculty and alumni. Our Black and Indigenous research networks are putting inclusive excellence at the centre of our research practices. And we have a stellar global reputation in AI ethics, city redesign, new materials discovery, early childhood development, regenerative medicine, data security and sustainability.

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