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I dream of a church that makes a difference in this world, of Christian communities that contribute to the fulfillment of all men and women in their communities. Novatio allows us to put flesh on this dream.

Paul-André Durocher, Archbishop

It was in 2018, with the aim of enabling the realization of priority projects in the Outaouais region, that the Archbishop of Gatineau, Paul-André Durocher, and a group of volunteers founded the Novatio Foundation.

Rooted in the meaning of the word “novatio,” which in Latin means renewal, the Foundation aims to bring a breath of energy to enhance activities, innovative projects, and renewed services. By supporting projects for people of all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds, with special attention to the less fortunate or marginalized members of our communities, its objective is to assist those who need it most.

With limited resources and growing costs for building and equipment maintenance, many parishes struggle to maintain their mission and pastoral services – the services that bring our communities to life. The Foundation aims to celebrate and encourage the sharing of essential resources that will revitalize and strengthen parish and community life for generations to come. Together, we contribute to a better world, the promotion of mutual aid, and the creation of a more just society. Thanks to the shared gifts of many – time, talents, energy, and prayers – we are blessed with dynamic and compassionate faith communities throughout the region. Communities where we continue to see, feel, and benefit from the various gifts that are at work.

Our Impact

For the year 2022-2023, the Novatio Foundation granted funding of over $70,000 to support 11 projects.

We are blessed by the presence of a compassionate community, where we continue to see, feel, and benefit from the donations that support projects related to:

  • Promoting the pastoral priorities of the diocese for 2023-2024, emphasizing the importance of welcoming and actively listening to the Holy Spirit, to one another, and to the world around us.
  • Providing care for seniors to address the profound impact of social isolation, allowing them to feel more connected, engaged, and fulfilled.
  • Offering support to families and young people, ensuring that immigrant and vulnerable families are warmly welcomed, supported, and thoughtfully integrated into our shared communities.
  • Promoting community engagement that unites individuals in solidarity and justice. Throughout the region, you will find motivated individuals, dedicated volunteer teams, and organizations ready to mobilize and make a difference.
  • Advancing reconciliation efforts with Indigenous communities, a vital initiative rooted in listening, aimed at establishing relationships based on trust as we learn to walk side by side on a new path.

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By choosing to leave a bequest or a gift of life insurance to the Novatio Foundation, you are choosing to share your vision of a brighter world, one that reflects your Christian values.

Your gift will breathe new life into our communities and ensure that our shared mission and pastoral services continue – the services that animate the communities in which we live.

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Your gift will be an enduring source of inspiration for your loved ones. You will be keeping your deeply rooted values alive for many years to come.

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