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Habitat for Humanity Grey Bruce operates as a non-profit corporation under an Affiliate agreement with Habitat for Humanity Canada. Our community members, along with people worldwide, partners with Habitat to BUILD or improve homes for new Habitat homeowners. Habitat homeowners actively participate in building their homes alongside volunteers and commit to paying an affordable mortgage with Habitat for Humanity Grey Bruce. This opportunity empowers them to thrive, creating a better life for themselves and their children.

Our Impact

At Habitat Grey Bruce, we go beyond constructing homes for families. Our focus is on safe, stable, and affordable housing, which serves as a crucial foundation for families to thrive and access opportunities.

Approximately 30% of our Habitat homeowners previously lived in community or subsidized housing. By facilitating affordable homeownership, our program reduces community housing waitlists and empowers families toward financial independence.

A study by the Boston Consulting Group revealed that each Habitat for Humanity home generates nearly $200,000 in benefits for local communities. These benefits arise from reduced reliance on social housing, food banks, health services, and other support systems.

As Habitat homeowners transition from community or social housing, those units become available for others awaiting subsidized rental housing. Additionally, homeowners contribute to their communities by paying property taxes—a win-win situation for families and the community.

Children of Habitat homeowners benefit significantly from a healthy and stable living environment. Reduced stress, improved health, increased confidence, and better academic performance are just some positive changes observed in these children. Furthermore, stable long-term housing increases the likelihood of post-secondary education and future homeownership for these children. Partnering with Habitat for Humanity Grey Bruce is an investment in your community.

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Join the solution: 100% of your donation, regardless of size, directly supports the construction of new, affordable housing in your community. At Habitat for Humanity Grey Bruce, we rely on individual and corporate contributions to fulfill our mission.

Investing in affordable housing not only benefits families but also boosts local jobs and the economy. Each Habitat home contributes positively to society. Let’s work together to create affordable housing options that our community both deserves and can afford.

Help us BUILD a better Grey-Bruce! Together, we can transform the trajectory of our local housing crisis. As homeownership becomes increasingly challenging for Canadian families, partnering with Habitat for Humanity allows you to be part of the solution.

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