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Wiarton and Lion’s Head Hospitals are staffed with 150 skilled health care professionals and volunteers – but they couldn’t provide the compassionate care they do without our help. There is very little government funding for medical equipment, meaning the quality of health care at our Peninsula hospitals depends on a generous community.

Bruce Peninsula Hospitals Foundation raises funds for medical equipment, facility upgrades and clinical training to empower nurses, doctors and technical staff to offer the best care possible.

Lion’s Head and Wiarton Hospitals are a part of Brightshores Health System, which operates 6 hospitals in the Grey Bruce region.  Residents and visitors to the Bruce Peninsula are offered a wide range of clinical services in addition to 24/7 Emergency care.

Our Impact

In 2022/23:

    Lion’s Head Hospital                           Wiarton Hospital

  • 5,066 ER visits                                       13,674 ER visits
  • 50 average age of ER patient             47 average age of ER patient
  • 3,407 Radiology procedures              7,177 Radiology procedures
  • 31,145 Lab tests                                    597,538 Lab Tests
  • 1,401 Inpatient Care days                   7,828 Inpatient care days

You don’t need to be “wealthy” to make a difference.  Your legacy will touch the lives of  thousands of patients who live, work and play on the Bruce.  To each one, your gift means faster, more accurate diagnosis, less invasive procedures, increased safety, less pain and quicker recovery.  Best of all – a faster return home and to regular activities.

See what your legacy could be

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Legal Name

Bruce Peninsula Hospitals Foundation

Charity Number

88928 8049 RR0001

How your gift will be used

Patient care always comes first.  The gift you plan now will ensure the Foundation has the financial resources to respond to any need our hospitals may have.

Your Legacy Gift Will:

  • Help purchase life-saving medical equipment.
  • Enable our physicians, nurses and technical staff to provide the best care possible with state of the art diagnostic and medical equipment.
  • Help attract and retain the medical professionals we so desperately need on the Bruce Peninsula.

See our will gift infographic to learn how a gift to Bruce Peninsula Hospitals Foundation could work for you.

For more information, contact:
Willard VanderPloeg, Charitable Giving Advisor
[email protected] or 519-376-2121 x2736.

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