La rue des Femmes Foundation

Social Service


La rue des Femmes, a non-profit organization founded in 1994, is dedicated to care and rehabilitation of women in a state of homelessness, research, teaching, prevention and promotion of relational health.


  • Offer therapeutic and preventive care to women who are in a state of homelessness;
  • Engage in research and provide training in relational health to care providers;
  • Raise public awareness about the issues and challenges of homelessness;
  • Promote the understanding that relational health is a critical aspect of overall health, and that it is as vitally important as one’s physical and mental well-being.


  • Change people’s understanding of homelessness;
  • Modify the approach to the care provided to people living in a state of homelessness;
  • Become a leader in relational health care, research and training;
  • Offer our services to all homeless women, regardless of the severity of their situation.


Our Impact

Here I have seen women wounded on the inside get better. I thought to myself that if it worked for them, maybe it could work for me too. (…) At La rue des Femmes, I was shown my potential; that’s how I was able to regain control over my life.

– Sylvie, participant.

La rue des Femmes is made up of three houses. Within these houses, there is emergency and transitional accommodation, and two day centers where nourishing meals are served and where bonds are forged through activities and shared conversation. There’s a laundry service, a thrift store, an outreach clinic, assistance with administrative procedures and development of trusts, and above all, a welcoming atmosphere and specialized care in relational health that allow women to heal and reclaim their lives.

The year 2023-2024 by the numbers:

  • 1,591 women helped
  • 112,055 meals served
  • 56,228 hours of relational, therapeutic, specialized care, as well as rehabilitation and inclusion activities
  • 23,759 overnight stays
  • 318 women kept in housing

See what your legacy could be

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La rue des Femmes Foundation

Charity Number

861887214 RR 0001

How your gift will be used

Your donations will allow La rue des Femmes to pursue its mission of welcoming and caring for women in a state of homelessnee, and in particular:

  • Accelerate the healing of women experiencing homelessness;
  • Increase the number of women receiving care and services;
  • Significantly increase the number of women given accommodation;
  • Change perceptions of homelessness;
  • Innovate with a winning and enduring solution to homelessness;
  • Promote the relational health intervention model.

Planned giving is an exceptional way of keeping your generosity alive, while taking care of your loved ones. Go here to learn the various ways you can make a legacy gift.

When you make this type of donation to the La rue des Femmes Foundation, you help ensure that lasting care is provided to women and contribute to a tangible, sustainable solution to the problem of homelessness.

If you would like more information, please contact Miriem Mkinsi at [email protected] or 514 284-9665 (your conversation will be confidential).

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