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Bring hope into the lives of isolated seniors

Thanks to the invaluable generosity of a vast network of donors, volunteers and partners, the Little Brothers Foundation plays an essential role in supporting and strengthening the organization’s impact in its fight against the isolation of seniors across Quebec.

With their donations, our team is able to multiply initiatives aimed at offering isolated seniors:

  • A caring and attentive family environment;
  • Unfailing support, from old age to the end of life;
  • A strong voice in favor of their rights and interests, in public forums and in various spheres of government.

By giving power to our mission, the philanthropic community enables us to accompany more and more lonely people, to anchor our programs in the long term, to guarantee that they are free of charge, and to actively contribute to the development of social gerontology in Quebec.

Each initiative is rooted in the organization’s core values:

  • The uniqueness and inestimable importance of each individual;
  • Human dignity, regardless of physical, psychological or social condition;
  • Respect for everyone’s ideas, choices, beliefs and values;
  • The gratuity of every gesture, with no expectation of reciprocity;
  • Commitment to the Little Brothers family;
  • The place of dreams, the importance given to the spirit of celebration, to promoting and fulfilling the wishes of Big Friends;
  • Loyalty that lasts a lifetime.

Since 1962, community mobilization has raised tens of millions of dollars in support of Little Brothers’ mission. Tens of thousands of isolated seniors, who have become Great Friends, have seen their lives transformed by our action.

Our Impact

« I have found a family. »

« 10 years ago, I was lost, I wanted to die. Look today: I’m glowing. I paint, I make mystery words. I found a family, Little Brothers. They saved my life. »

– Mrs Malouin, Great Friend

Giving to the Little Brothers Foundation means changing thousands of lives like Mrs. Malouin’s. Every year, thanks to donations, nearly 3,000 volunteers are hired and trained, and together offer some 165,000 hours of support in 12 regions of Quebec.

This support is vitally important, given that:
1 in 5 seniors in Quebec have no one close to them to count on;
– Isolation increases the risk of dementia and cognitive decline by 60%;
1.1 million people will be aged 75 or over by 2030, of whom 220,000 are at risk of isolation.

This year alone, 2,600 people, including 500 new ones, benefited from calls, visits or outings thanks to our volunteers.

With the invaluable support of donors and partners, Little Brothers team aims to have an impact on the lives of 10,000 isolated seniors in Quebec by 2030.

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Bequeathing part of your estate: a powerful legacy for isolated seniors

« Making a legacy gift to the cause of Little Brothers means extending benevolence beyond oneself. Through their generosity, our donors perpetuate bonds that expand in infinite circles, like the ripples left by a drop of water in the river. There are few gestures as powerful as this one. »

– Carole Mercier, Director of Major and Planned Gifts

For more than 20 years, hundreds of donors have supported the Little Brothers family through their wills. Together, they account for more than 21% of annual donations.

Their trust acts as a formidable lever to enable us to take concrete and lasting action on the well-being of isolated seniors. With their help, the Little Brothers team is able to:
Increase its capacity each year;
– Anchor its programs in the long term and guarantee that they are free of charge;
– Actively contribute to the development of social gerontology in Quebec.

By making a gift in your will, you promise to be there for thousands of isolated seniors, today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

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